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Archive for the ‘Sha Rizel’ Category

Sha Rizel Divine Breasts VideosToday is a good day if you are craving Sha Rizel in motion, because I got a few videos of her time at Divine Breasts. Maybe you want Sha as a fuck buddy, or you want to see her getting messy in the kitchen. All I know is that at the end of the day, Sha enjoys taking a nice long steamy shower.

Sha Rizel Upclose NudesAs I was browsing around Pinupfiles today I came across a set of Sha Rizel I’ve never seen before. Let me ask you, do you like upclose pictures? Good becuse the camera gets REALLY close to Sha’s big bouncy tits and her freshly shaved pussy. Yep, these angles are about the sexiest damn thing I’ve seen.

Sha Rizel Big Boobs PinupAs requested is more pictures from Sha Rizel’s first gallery on Divine Breasts. When she ventured into erotic art I was pretty excited, but I still missed the raw sexuality that Sha exudes, and I believe Divine Breasts captures that perfectly with the upclose angles.

Sha Rizel Bedroom BeautySha Rizel has been on our screens a lot lately, and today she is now in bed waiting for us to join her. When Sha got her own website, she released some ultra rare photo sets and this is one of them. A romp in the bed turns into a reverse strip and that is just down right sexy.

Sha Rizel Beauty Queen StatusI want to ask you all a question, and answer honestly. Do you think Sha Rizel could be a beauty queen? Now take a long hard look at this new gallery and think about the question. I know that seeing her completely naked on the couch with a huge smile gives me my answer, a big YES!

Sha Rizel Busty CovergirlSadly Sha Rizel did not win the Scoreland Model of The Year 2014 award (Hitomi Tanaka did), however Sha is not the type of girl to give up that easy. She is back for 2015 and ready to compete yet again by proving she is one of the sexiest covergirls around. Plus she looks damn good in pink.

Sha Rizel Play Date ReduxI was browsing around today and found some pretty rare pictures of Sha Rizel’s play date set from Divine Breasts. That’s when I realized just how amazing this gallery really is, considering the camera gets so upclose to her you can basically smell the pussy. I know, I know, that would be a dream come true but placebo is a wonderful thing. ;)

Sha Rizel Scoreland Cover GirlWhen I saw Sha Rizel is up for model of the year on Scoreland, I got giddy. She really deserves the title for how much she has done in the past year, turning the boob world upside down with her huge tits and slim body. So Sha, raise your glass and bounce those boobs because you deserve the title.

Sha Rizel Glitter Room NudesWhen I think of the word glitter, I’m going to think of Sha Rizel from this point on. Even her after shower activities are incredibly sexy, and let’s admit it, seeing a busty babe drop a towel is always an exciting thing to see. Luckily it’s in HD instead of old scrambled television. Hahaha!

Sha Rizel Wet and Wild KitchenYou know what? It’s surprisingly erotic to see Sha Rizel getting sprayed with milk while she is naked. Then again that image could conjour up some naughty thoughts about a certain white liquid dripping down Sha’s body. What? I’m talking about the milk, what were you guys thinking? :P

Sha Rizel Bonita DesireSha Rizel is muy bonita and she really shows it off today. Easily one of the most beautiful big boob models in the past 10 years, all she has to do is sit around the house and she looks fucking amazing.

Sha Rizel Coy and NudeSha Rizel is biting her finger again and I love it, it means she really enjoys posing for us. You know how I can tell? When her boobs are up to her face and she has this coy look like we are on a first date. Maybe my imagination just runs wild too. :P

Sha Rizel In ChargeThis was the image that has been on Scoreland for months: Sha Rizel in charge. Let me just say now, I would let Sha whip me if it meant a chance to have her boobs in my hand, plus who doesn’t love a kinky chick?

Sha Rizel Busty Topless BabeDon’t you just love when Sha Rizel hops in the tub for a sensual bath? This gallery actually focuses more on what she does before the bath which can still be incredibly sexy. Don’t worry though, Sha still releases those puppies.

Sha Rizel Gorri EroticI feel like when Sha Rizel does erotic work, we are seeing a totally different girl. She is beautiful from head to toe and I’m sure most people notice her incredibly large boobs over her face, but let’s not ignore those luscious lips!

Valory Irene and Friends SunbathingYou know those scenes in movies where there’s a group of hot girls sunbathing naked? This is that today but much better because it involes one of the best trios I’ve seen on Scoreland: Valory Irene, Sha Rizel, and Hitomi Tanaka.

Sha Rizel Nude Eternal DesireNo matter how many times I see Sha Rizel, she still gets me. It’s especially true with her erotic work where she looks so damn good as a natural beauty. Plus I love how many necklaces she has!

Sha Rizel Eternal DesireWhen I see Sha Rizel doing erotic work, I feel like I’m seeing a completely different girl than her normal self. That’s not to say that I don’t immediately recognize her unique shape, but her candid side is definitely my favorite, I just love seeing her smile!

Sha Rizel Gorgeous ModelScoreland has named Sha Rizel the most gorgeous model of 2013, and while that list has a few names, I’d have to agree. Sha Rizel is the real deal and her instantly stardom was because of her incredible curves. Thank you for your service and nudity Sha!

Sha Rizel New Site VideosWith the excitement of Sha Rizel’s new website comes a big excitement for her new videos as well. I got Sha in multiple outfits today, one being a white teddy and the other is a bit more candid in her tank top.

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