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Busty Buffy Morning MasturbationLet’s admit it, we’ve all had a morning stroke or two and that’s exactly what Busty Buffy does today. You see, when she brushes her teeth, she gets turned on by her boobs swaying back and forth, and before you know it, she is on the ground with her dildo.

More Yes Boobs GirlsWhen asked if you would like to see more Yes Boobs girls, obviously the answer is a big YES! I love seeing fresh faces getting naked on camera and this site caters to that which makes it my new favorite.

Jess Davies Club WearIf you’ve ever wondered what Jess Davies wears to the club, you are going to find out tonight. It’s quite the ensemble with a lacy bra, skin tight skirt that is sheer down the middle and black high heels. What really makes this set complete is Jess is actually in a bar that looks very seductive. Say Jess, would you like a drink?

Petra Verkaik 90s FashionistaI remember when fuzzy hats were popular in the late 90′s, so I’m actually happy to see Petra Verkaik bringing it back. The latest trends in clothing have been catering to 90′s nostalgia including the denim bottoms and fuzzy boots. One thing that never goes out of style is big boobs and round butts.

Milena Cute and Frisky ShowerWhen I got an e-mail today requesting simply “Cute, busty and frisky”, one girl came to mind, Milena from Domai. She is truely a one hit wonder in the erotic art world, but will leave behind a huge impression with her natural beauty from head to toe. Plus, who doesn’t love watching a busty teen all dripping wet?

Joanna Bliss Returns to XXCelWhen I heard that Joanna Bliss has returned to XX-Cel, naturally I went on the hunt for those pictures. What I found out is that they are pretty hard to get, but I found a few with Joanna teasing us and I actually like it. A good tease goes a long way.

Azure Gypsy Red Gods GirlsI finally had the time to browse Gods Girls today and found one of the most vibrant, curvy models in there. Her name is Azure and everything about her is natural from those big boobs to those wide hips and she loves getting naked in the backyard.

Nikki Sims Morning CoffeeSometimes in the winter, all you want to do is drink a cup of coffee and stare outside at the snow. Nikki Sims has the right idea by wearing a sheer shirt and a tiny black thong, her normal in house winter wear. Also since Nikki has been on the cusp of nude modeling, here are two instances where Nikki “slipped” up here and here.

Gabrielle Dripping Wet TitsI’m not gonna lie, I still have dreams about Gabrielle (aka Lucy) and her bath tub set is one of the most famous she has ever done. Her boobs were made to be dripping wet and as you can see from the upclose pictures, it will make you want to lick your screen.

Millis Brunette PassionMillis is one of those models that looks great as a blonde and a brunette! To say she is versatile is an understatement, she is one of the sexiest nude models of the past 10 years and she manages to look like a new girl every time.

Brooke Wylde Cute Outfit ATKRecently, Brooke Wylde has had the best fashion sense of any model and I love her clothing choice today. Most don’t realize but there is more to nude modeling than simply getting naked. Girls like Brooke like to tease, they like to look good doing it and they LOVE to reveal all when the time is right.

Bam Steamy ShowerI woke up today and it was so cold that I took an extra long hot shower, then I hopped online and saw Bam from XL Asians doing the same thing. Great minds think alike, and I had her on my mind all day since seeing this curvy cutie having fun with the shower head.

Angelina Castro Lady In The DoorWhen I stumbled upon this set, I thought it was another latin legend, and then I realize it is Angelina Castro! I gotta say, despite Angelina having an enhanced chest, she is certainly redefining what my image of a curvy lady looks like. It’s now the sexy latina standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a sheer black robe. What do you all think, more Angelina?

Lucy Li Strip PokerI’ve always had this idea in my head that strip poker is played at parties, but Lucy Li plays it with her guy friend today and ends up losing with grace. Sex Art tends to turn the ordinary into the erotic, and I’m glad to see Lucy Li with a big smile on her face as she is down to her last card, and nothing but her panties.

Josephine Watch Me PlayDo you want to watch Josephine get naked? That’s a rhetorical question, of course you do! I’ve noticed that her sensuality is growing with time, which means Josephine not only enjoys the aspect of an erotic novel, but she actually wants to live one out! I say she is pretty successful today with her mirror strip and orgasm.

Jenny McClain Chesty for ZishyLeave it up to Zishy to turn one of the most legendary models into the chesty exhibitionist. Jenny McClain knew she was going to have a fun time in Los Angeles, and her true wild side comes out after a cup of coffee and a ride to the city. It turns out that Jenny really enjoys being naked in public any chance she gets.

Georgie Topless HaircutImagine going for a haircut and you see this incredibly beautiful topless woman waiting at the chair just for you. That lady is Georgie from Downblouse Loving, and she’s about to give the best haircut of your life, with some extra booty on the side for a better tip.

Carlotta Champagne Vest FashionWe really don’t see enough girls wearing vests, and it’s because they have fallen out of fashion. Luckily Carlotta Champagne tends to start fashion trends (remember her Gaga set?), and her latest emsemble is simply a vest and some white lace panties which hugs her hips so well, it’s like they were specially made just for her.

Luna and Lily Swinging NudeThis set is more about two naked girls enjoying a nice afternoon together as opposed to those “fake” lesbian sets. You know why? It’s Luna Amor and Lily Madison, two girls who understand that spending time with each other in the nude is far more sexy than faking it. You can tell they are having a blast on the swing.

Tanita Catalina Purple TightsEvery girl owns a pair of tights now, and that’s a fact I am very comforted with. You know why? It allows girls like Tanita Catalina to put it all on display while still being covered, however it seems Tanita just enjoys putting on a tease before she gets naked in bed. This is one inviting girl that I would love to have in my bed.

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