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Liza Thick SexMex GirlI’ve been on the hunt for more mexican curves lately, and I came across Liza from SexMex, who is looking damn good in a frilly skirt. At first I thought she was pretty skinny with clothes on, then I realized once this girl is naked she is actually pretty thick.

Carolina SexMex ReduxWhile I’ve featured Carolina from SexMex before, I’m calling this one a redux because I’m including some rare new pictures of Carolina. All I gotta say is mexican boobs are definitely contenders in the international boobie battle.

Cinthia Belly Chains LatinaI ran across some large pictures of Cinthia’s famous first set on SexMex. It also made me realize how much I love belly chains, we really don’t see them enough and they can turn a curvy chick into a curvy legend.

Andrea Returns To SexMexDo a dance, clap your hands, run around screaming. Whatever you do to celebrate because Andrea from SexMex is back! She is one of my favorite latina models for a few reasons, but I can name a few right now. She’s cute, got perky boobs, a nice tight ass and shaved pussy. How’s that? ;)

Silvia Loret Ass and ToysI was going through my archives yesterday and found pictures of Silvia Loret and a dildo. I could say more but chances are you are already staring and drooling over these pictures. I will say this though, on a scale of one to dat ass, Silvia is easily dat ass.

Laure Dore Shower AssI have two special updates from the Latin America region of big boobs, SexMex. Much to my surprise, I found out that Kelley Scarlett is actually auditioning for the website (as Mayte) and from what I see, it looks like they have a winner. Also, by popular demand I do have the video of Cinthia dancing her ass off. Enjoy!

Daniela New SexMex VideoSexMex introduces a new model today who can dance her ass off! Daniela may not be the curvest chick on SexMex (I think Cinthia gets that title) but she can certainly move like no other woman and I know how much you guys love sexy swaying hips.

Maritza Mendez Black One PieceWhenever Maritza Mendez puts on a tiny one piece, she always grabs my attention. Today she outdoes herself again with this incredibly sexy and almost non existant black lacy one piece, and the last picture makes me so jealous!

Karla Pirata and New SexMex VideosIt’s been awhile since we’ve seen curvy mexican babes in action (remember Cinthia dancing for us?), so I’m excited to say I have some new videos of Karla Pirata plus a bonus of the busty skinny latina Andrea. Now I remember why I love latin curves so much.

Cinthia Favorite DildoI’ve missed Cinthia from SexMex and her brilliant dancing. Today she does a different kind of dance though, it’s a very sensual slow dance with her favorite dildo and I think you guys will like this.

Maritza Mendez Sexy WitchI may be a few days late with this one but is it really ever late to see Maritza Mendez in a sexy witch costume? This is actually one of her more normal costumes too as one time she played a bad mommy. A sexy one at that too.

Karla Pirata Booty ShortsArgh! The eye patched model Karla Pirata is starting to grow on me and it’s because of these booty shorts. Ok first it was her boobs then I realized she has the most amazing shaved pussy and tight ass ever.

Karla Pirata Latin LustLet’s not forget that SexMex features a ton of fresh girls, but Karla Pirata is a sought after rarity. She first debuted in 2011 leaving people wondering, what’s with the eye patch? Honestly I’m not sure but I gotta say the pirate babe look is really taking off.

Silivia Loret RedheadNow I’ve seen ALL of Silvia Loret. First it was the naughty maid, and then she was the sexy groupie. Now Silivia is back home and with red head, and you know what? I like it!

Carolina Purple DressThis has to be the most form fitting dress I have ever seen on a latin babe. Carolina isn’t new to wearing tight clothes either, but today she outdoes herself in fashion and style. Here’s the question, is she a dancer? ;)

Fabiola Casting CallWhen SexMex does a casting call, they do it right. Today we meet the brand new Fabiola who is alittle shy about showing off her face, but not her body. Those latins really know their big curves.

Silvia Loret Maid ServiceA messy room usually means I’m on the hunt for hot maids, and who better than Silvia Loret. Silvia is the type of latin maid that also gets naked while she cleans, the best kind of maid.

Maritza Mendez Hot MomTrust me, I wish when I was a teenager I had a friend with a hot mom like Maritza Mendez. It’s ok though because today she gives us what we all want, that hot mom treatment and this isn’t her first time.

Ana Mexican LustThey call her the ass queen, draped in silk and ready to show off her amazing latin booty. This is the kind of lady you see in public, wishing to get a glimpse at that booty. Today Ana is the babe to show you what’s under that dress. Gotta love latinas in silky dresses.

Maritza Mendez LadylikeThis Maritza Mendez gallery begs me to question, can a model be naked and ladylike? She sure can, infact even though Maritza forgot to wear panties under her skirt, she’s a still a classy lady.

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