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Archive for the ‘Scoreland’ Category

Karina Hart Big Boob WorkoutScoreland released some high quality retouched pictures of Karina Hart today, and you won’t believe what she does in this set. It’s a mix of a boob workout and a body workout considering how much she plays with herself on the bouncy ball. I told myself I would go to the gym again and this is the perfect excuse.

Vanessa Y Shaves In The ShowerScoreland is really good at getting girls to shave in the shower, and Vanessa Y is that creamy beauty today. Many of you have come to worship her thick bush, but isn’t it nice to feel some silky smooth skin every once in awhile? I know I would dive face first into Vanessa right about now.

Mischel Lee Hairy Bush QueenI couldn’t get Mischel Lee off my mind after looking at her new gallery on Scoreland. First off, the mirror is perfect for double boob exposure, but what really kept me drooling is that incredibly hairy pussy. I’ve seen many impressive bushes lately, but Mischel’s makes me want to go muff diving!

Alexya Seductress Of All MenEven though Alexya from Scoreland is soft spoken, she is the modern day seductress of men. Hell at this rate, I would say all the ladies on this site love Alexya too because she’s not only a beautiful brunette with huge boobs, she’s got this vibe about her that screams wifey material.

Daria New Scoreland VideosSince Daria from Scoreland’s debut was such a hit, I went on the hunt for her videos. That’s when I hit the mother load of a pure masturbation masterpiece and a nice intro video that helps us get to know Daria a bit more. I like this girl.

Daria New Discovery for ScorelandI’m pleased to introduce Daria, a brand new model on Scoreland. Daria just graduated college in Russia, and figured all the attention she was getting is better spent in front of the camera. I love girls who think like this, because Daria has one hell of a body that I want to explore for hours.

Lila Payne Mounds of JoyA viewer made a good point about Lila Payne: she looks like the type of chick who can fuck all night and then cook you breakfast in the nude. Would be nice to find out, but for now let’s watch Lila show us those mounds of joy she calls boobs. Plus, her ass looks killer in this set.

Vanessa Y The Best Hairy BushHow does Vanessa Y keep doing it? She’s always the most amazing voluptuous model around, and today it’s get very sexy on Scoreland as she unbuttons her dress, slides off her pink panties and shows us what a real hairy bush looks like. Oh yea, her curves are pretty damn epic too. :P

Ms Yummy Ebony NewcomerI’m very pleased to introduce Ms Yummy from Scoreland. Her name is pretty self explanatory but those curves are the most unique I’ve seen yet. Seriously, wait until you see her turn around and you’ll really learn the definition of thick and voluptuous.

Alexya Soapy Shower ShowAlexya is back on Scoreland to show us what real soapy boobs look like. Hint: they are amazing and not only does she soap up her whole body, she makes sure to press those puppies on glass and rub them around so everything gets soapy. Say Alexya, need help rinsing off? ;)

Lila Payne Steamy ShowerJust in case you had a fantasy of hopping in the shower with Lila Payne, today it comes true. This beauty from down under shows us that showering is pretty much the same in Australia, except she does quite a bit of pressing her boobs on glass which is always sexy.

Hitomi Tanaka GIFsI know what you want to see, Hitomi Tanaka GIFs. Since she is one of my favorite busty models of all time, I’m very happy to see her bouncing around and masturbating for Scoreland, showing us that she is definitely getting more naughty with herself recently.

Hitomi Tanaka Soft Nude CurvesHitomi Tanaka is a sharp girl but she’s got some soft curves, the kind that oozes sexuality and makes you melt! Today we get to enjoy Hitomi in bed which is always super sexy, but things really heat up when she removes her panties and starts spreadin’ em.

Rachel Raxxx Books and BoobsThey say books go better with boobs but I’d say Rachel Raxxx makes for a pretty damn good anatomy class teacher. Oh we’re not studying anatomy? Well I am considering Rachel is showing off her incredible voluptuous body AND she can suck on her own boob. That’s impressive.

Vanessa Y Fantasy Dream BangThis is as close to hardcore that we will get with Vanessa Y and I love it! Nothing beats a sexy strip tease, showing off her big hairy bush until she gets down on her knees, starts sucking this dildo and promptly sits on it for the ride of her life. I think I need a smoke now!

Rockell Starbux Sexy Date NightIt’s saturday night which means date night! The red dresses are coming out tonight, and Rockell Starbux’s red dress comes off after popping some bubbly. I’m glad to know that Rockell is the kind of girl who would rather be naked on the couch than put on a tease on the dance floor, not gonna lie!

Juliana Simms and Others In The GymIt’s nice to see Juliana Simms in the gym because staying in shape is sexy, and bouncing boobs is even sexier! What I like best about these gym videos is the suggestive stretching and taking a dip in the pool to cool off.

Rachel Raxxx Bikini and OilLord have mercy, this is one bikini babe that will absolutely turn heads no matter what, and I’m talking about Rachel Raxxx. The triple X is because her boobs are so big they might legally be floatation devices! Today however, her boobs and ass receive a healthy amount of oil and I want to be able to rub it in.

Hitomi Tanaka Sexy Lipstick NipplesThis gallery has everything seductive: dark lipstick, leopard print bra, and bottomless panties. It gets even better when you realize this is Hitomi Tanaka at her finest, climbing on the table naked and showing us what lipstick nipples look like.

Vanessa Y Big Boob Oil SpillHere’s an oil spill that’s actually good, and it involves Vanessa Y. She starts off posing in her new summer bikini and quickly rips it off so she can oil herself up to go tanning. I love that Vanessa kept her bush because it’s coming back in style, and muff diving is back on the books!

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