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Archive for the ‘Scoreland’ Category

Alexya Big Busty BeautyBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder thinks Alexya from Scoreland is one of the most beautiful thick nude models ever. Perhaps it’s the wardrobe or lighting, but I really like this gallery because it has a natural vibe with Alexya putting yogurt all over her boobs at the end. She likes to stay healthy, but it doesn’t quit land in her mouth. :P

Tiggle Bitties Scoreland DebutThat’s it, I’m officially in love with Tiggle Bitties. Her debut on Yes Boobs was sexy as hell, but her debut for Scoreland today is just plan explosive. She knows how to make a changing room gallery into the best damn sight of boobs, ass, and curves ever. You might want to sit down for this one.

Harmony Reigns Big Titty CityHarmony Reigns is in the big city today, excited for her new shoot for Scoreland, looking like the prettiest damn alt model around. I love chicks who express themselves and Harmony has no trouble showing us her real side, the real naked side that is.

Kalila Kane Girl Of Many SkillsKalila Kane is a girl of many skills, whether it’s wearing the tightest skirts or flashing her boobs for everyone to see. It’s not just those acts though, it’s everything about Kalila that makes her one of the most unforgettable models out there. Cute looks, a bit shy, loves dressing up. She’s the total package!

Samantha Lily Bathin BreastsHave you heard of blowing a funny fuse? Well, I think I just blew a sexy fuse! Could anything possibly be sexier than watching Samantha Lily slowly disrobe, then hop in the bath and let water run down her huge boobs and perfect body for hours on end? I think I just found my favorite gallery!

Kalila Kane Actually ShyBelieve it or not but Kalila Kane is actually really shy for real. You wouldn’t think it considering her public display of curves, and very eager strip tease for Scoreland in the past. So watching Kalila strip out of her bra and panties brings a new feeling to light: those butterflies you get when you crush hard.

Valory Irene Big Tits SchoolValory Irene enrolled in the big tit school and by the looks of it, she’s on course to get an easy A! Now, considering she’s going to school with the likes of Lana Ivans and Eden Mor, she definitely has a lot of competition but I still vote Valory as the valedictorian.

Kate Marie Busty BaristaImagine walking into your local coffee shop and finding this really cute and busty barista. Naturally you want to see her naked, right? Well, there’s good news because Kate Marie is a brand new barista with some flair: she gets naked and serves coffee! Suddenly I’m in the mood for more caffeine.

Jessie Simmons Fresh GirlShe’s cute, busty, and has really sexy tanlines. This is Jessie Simmons and she is a fresh girl for Scoreland, posing nude for the first time ever and from the looks of it, she really enjoys it. Jessie, let me tell you, I would do MANY things to spend one night with you and your perfect curves. Am I right?

Alexya Busty Body WinnerSo when I posted Alexya from Scoreland last week (aka Luna Amor), I swear my mailbox was going crazy. So to appease the masses in boob lust, I bring you Alexya’s second set which is called busty body winner for a reason: she is a curvy goddess who won the genetic lottery.

Aimee Jackson Curvy BeautyAimee Jackson is back by popular demand, and is one of the thickest models on XL Girls. She is looking quite professional today in her work get up, but we soon find the naughty side of Aimee when her skirt slides down and her legs are lifted up.

Valory Irene Pinup SecretaryYou know what we don’t see any more? Pinup styled secretaries. Luckily for humanity, we have Valory Irene and that’s the theme of her latest gallery: the classic pinup styled secretary who answers phones in the nude. I see some things never change, the love for curves.

Hitomi Tanaka Day On The WaterA day on the water turns into an all out sex romp for Hitami Tanaka today. As it turns out, Hitomi loves the feeling of a speed boat, so when they end up docking, the first thing she does is rip off her bikini and bounce around. From the looks of this stilt house, many busty women have had nude romps here, including Hitomi.

Cassie from Scoreland In MotionI think it’s about time to enjoy Cassie from Scoreland in motion, because everyone drooled over her coffee gallery. So I have really good news. There is a video of that very gallery and the better news is that I found another video that is equally as amazing.

Samantha Lily All For BreastsWhy does Samantha Lily do what she does? It’s all for the breasts. That’s right, Samantha understands the importance of beauty and nudity in this world which makes her like the best woman on earth. Enough of my ranting though, you need to look at Samantha bending over without any clothes, it’s extraordinary.

Cat Bangles Top HeavyYou know what I love about this gallery? Cat Bangles would be the type of chick to be moving boxes in daisy dukes and a tight shirt, pouring water all over herself to cool down. You see, Cat knows how to have fun while doing chores, and by the end of her house work, she ends up in nothing but a pink thong.

Kate Marie Stacked StudentThe stacked student is one of the best features on Scoreland, and Kate Marie is the latest newcomer to put down her books for anatomy class. As it turns out, she volunteered to be the subject on the body, and I would gladly study her beautiful curves for hours on end. You know, for education!

Melissa Manning 4th Of JulyMelissa Manning is celebrating the 4th of July right by wearing a skimpy bikini and ending up naked by the end of the day. This actually isn’t her first time celebrating the day, which suggests that she really loves to put on a show for holidays, and I love watching them.

Joana Bliss Boobs Of BlissBoobs of bliss is a very endearing title for Joana Bliss, considering it’s in her name! To prove that she is more than the name, Joana shows us one hell of a time in the bath tub as water runs down her perfect body, from those big hangers to her beautiful behind. The name lives up to the image.

Harlow Nyx Denim SkirtMy god, I keep falling in love with Harlow Nyx every time I see her, which is a very good thing. While this busty redhead has my head spinning, I am also enjoying her denim upskirt tease turned into a full blown couch orgasm (legs spread and all). Seriously, I love this girl!

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