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Claire Sinclair Perfect PlaymateI feel that Claire Sinclair deserves way more credit because she is a modern pinup with a classic look. She has the beauty, brains, and body to really compete with our favorite models of the past, and yes, she even dresses up like the classic playmates we’ve come to love. So Claire, I salute you and your dedication to classy nudes.

Playboy College BeautiesPlayboy has always been on the forefront of finding amazing college girls to pose naked, and considering how well received Playboy is, they get a lot of busty beauties. Remember Mandy Calloway and Sophie Reade Yep, they started out as Playboy college girls, which is why I always pay attention to that coed section.

Rebecca DiPietro Nude for PlayboyDo you guys remember glam model Rebecca DiPietro? She is well known for her “assets” and being into wrestling. Running across her Playboy gallery just proves that she is seriously stacked, and has got that seductive vixen look with huge boobs and tiny legs. I know you guys like it too, considering how popular Estelle Taylor and Alia Janine is.

Candy Loving Classic CurvesOne of my favorite things to do in college was look at old Playboy magazines and drool over the classic playmates. That’s when I thought about Candy Loving and her playmate of the year spread which is definitely a top 10 of all time. I’m talking wet boobs, sheer clothing, tanlines, and of course all natural bush.

Sabrina Nichole Playboy BeautyNow THIS is the ideal Playboy beauty, Sabrina Nichole. When I got word that an all natural blonde is the new cybergirl, I had to check it out and it damn near made me fall out of my chair. Sabrina is the girl next door with the body of a goddess and the attitude of a care free chick. She’s basically the total package.

Avis Kimble Classic PlaymateAre you guys ready to hop in the time machine, because 1962 is calling. This was the year when Playboy got more risque and believe it or not, showing ass was actually ground breaking for the time. That’s why Avis Kimble was one of the legends, her natural looks and free spirit really shows.

Shelby Chesnes Curvy PlayboyOne of Playboy’s recent shining stars is Shelby Chesnes, and I think I know why. If I had to guess, it’s because she is freakin’ sexy, has incredibly large knockers and has an ass that is quite jiggly looking (I love jiggly butt). Listen to me, I sound like someone describing the first naked lady they ever see! Shelby has got me acting like that.

Sarah Summers Blonde BeautyPlayboy has been stepping up their game recently with models like Sarah Summers, the quinessential busty blonde beauty. I mean hell, her name says it all. A girl with the last name Summers can only be a bubbly and fun girl who wears daisy dukes and low cut tops. Is that a bad stereotype? :P

Shelby Chesnes Simple PleasureI’ve been getting a ton of requests for Shelby Chesnes, and I can see why. She is one of the hottest modern playmates since Leanna Decker, and she’s a brunette which is a nice change of pace. Mark my words, after seeing Shelby explore herself in bed, she’ll be on your favorites list.

Sarah Summers Busty PlaymateRecently there has been a new crop of very impressive busty Playmates, and today Sarah Summers join those ranks. Let me be the first to say that Sarah is the real deal, and she isn’t even overtanned like some girls! This is what a Playmate should look like: blonde, busty and on all fours.

Tara Nichols Casting CutieChances are when you think Playboy, you think of the legends and playmates. Let’s not forget that Playboy has done many casting calls over the years, recruiting amazing gems such as Tara Nichols, arguably one of the best one hits wonders I have ever seen. I also love when Playboy does college girl shoots.

Ali Rose Perfect PlaymateIn my search for modern playmates with classic beauty, I came across Ali Rose. I don’t even know where to begin with her, so I’ll just start at her pretty red smile, move down to her big boobs and find myself staring at her ass that is so nice that I had to look twice!

Lindsey Pelas Playboy NewcomerIt looks like Playboy is getting back on track by recruiting some seriously busty blondes, which is why I’m excited to introduce Lindsey Pelas. She’s the modern image of the busty blonde playmate, and while she may be tanned and shaved, she is still all natural when it comes down to it.

Candy Loving Tanlined PlaymateLast week I was obsessed with playmate torpedo boobs, then I got to looking at more playmates like Candy Loving and wondered, what about tanlines? Well for one it’s another favorite niche of mine and yes I have a list of playmates that make tanlines look amazing like Janet Lupo and Karen Price.

Shelby Chesnes Playboy BabeI haven’t been this excited about a new Playboy model since Bunnie Brook. The girl I am drooling over is Shelby Chesnes and she looks as soft as the fur rug she is posing on.

June Cochran Classic PlaymateNatural is a powerful word when it comes to standards in busty women. Some argue that classic playmates really hold the highest standard of all natural curves and looks. So let’s take a look at Miss 1963 June Cochran and examine her from head to toe because for 5 decades her beauty has remained in high regard.

Cynthia Myers Classic PlaymateDid you guys know that Cynthia Myers is considered the most popular playmate of the 60′s? This gallery will show you exactly why, and I have two word for you: torpedo boobs. Now Playboy has had quite a few models that fit this category (Fran Gerard and Carol Imhof for example) but the polls don’t lie, Cynthia really is the most popular for a reason.

Petra Verkaik Classic Playboy BabeIf I had to pick my favorite brunette playmate from the 90′s, it would be Petra Verkaik. There’s a reason she is one of the most published girls in Playboy history, and it’s not because of her legs. Ok it’s partially because of her legs, but her breasts are what steals the show.

Leanna Decker RefereeYou know what? It’s football season and almost Halloween and I just got in the mood with this one. I came across Leanna Decker as the sexy referee and I must say, she really is the total package. Plus she does costumes well.

Justine Greiner Classic PlaymateThe classic’s come alive today and I’m taking you back to 1988 with Justine Greiner. A time where neon colors were all the rage, and frizzy hair was a thing. That’s why Justine Greiner is so special, she is a classy babe with shorter hair for the time.

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