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Archive for the ‘Louisa May’ Category

Louisa Lockhart InterviewSometimes I like going back to my favorite sites and look for never before seen sets. That includes girls like Louisa Lockhart who was the most popular solo model for awhile. It’s great to see where she began and even as an amateur she was excited to be naked!

Louisa May Lace LingerieI am really digging Louisa May’s new look. I am definitely a fan of her hair, cute face, big boobs, and round ass. So it’s safe to say that Louisa really is the total package. Now where can I get one of her?

Louisa May Love MeDo you love Louisa May? I sure do. We have seen Louisa as a cheerleader, and a patriot. Today however we get to see the natural Louisa and she is seriously the hottest girl next door in my opinion.

Louisa May Red VelvetWhat can I say besides I love how good Louisa May looks in red velvet. Absolutely fucking amazing, and she looks even better when she is out of that red velvet lingerie and on the floor.

Louisa May CutieLouisa May has played many roles since she first came on the scene but today she simply plays a cute and horny girl. Nothing wrong with that, Louisa certainly has the body to show off and she should all the time.

Louisa May Daddy IssuesI was reluctant to name this gallery daddy issues but just read Louisa May’s shirt. If you aren’t even reading this then you will probably already know that she is willing to take off her clothes quite easily.

Louisa May Cheerleader OutfitI’ve never really had a cheerleader fetish but I do now after seeing Louisa May in this hot outfit! Damn, talk about wanting to go back to school to see busty babes cheer. Luckily Louisa does it in private for us.

Louisa May Click HereTrust me Louisa May, if I could click on your shirt I would. Although I must rather prefer taking your shirt off and having a nice grab at those bouncy boobs. Possibly some other things I can’t talk about on here too :P

Louisa May Real DealLouisa May is the real deal girl next door with the perfect body. This actually isn’t the first time she has licked some tasty food either, I’m very glad that Louisa has an oral fixation!

Louisa May Plaid Skirt StripI love when girls get into debates about hair color, this usually mean they end up naked to prove a point. Well they do in my dreams and Louisa May knows what’s up with that!

Louisa May Baby Oil And BoobsA tiny bikini, some babyoil and big boobs are recipe for success. Louisa May may be a cute girl at heart but when it comes down to it, she is a dirty little thing. I wouldn’t mind rubbing her down with some of that oil :)

Louisa May Panda ShirtI love that Louisa May is a nerd at heart. I don’t mean she just puts on glasses and suddenly she is nerdy. I mean her different outfits and attitude, plus you know I admire those boobs of hers :)

Louisa May Sexy Kung FuDoes Louisa May really know kung fu? Probably not but I wouldn’t mind her trying to teach me in that outfit she is wearing. All I can say is my hand might slip up her skirt a few times ;)

Louisa May Sexy Tube TopI am really into Louisa May’s new look and she seems to be a bit more naughty this time as well. That tube top dress is hot but comes off pretty fast once she gets into bed!

Louisa May Girl Next DoorAs much as I have seen Louisa May over the years, I gotta say this is her most cute set. I know, cute AND sexy? Yea it’s possible. Just think cute girl next door who loves to get naked ;)

Louisa May Punk GirlI love punk girls, probably because I grew up listening to punk music. Now imagine running into Louisa May at a rock show wearing this outfit, talk about lots of boners to be had LOL!

Louisa May PillowsOne could say that Louisa May has two sets of pillows in this gallery and they both look like they would be fun to play with! The look she gives in picture #5 sets me over the edge, such a cute girl with an amazing rack.

Louisa May CupcakeI know what you guys are probably thinking, “who wants to see a girl eat?” Well let me ask you, how many times do you see a cute girl actually being sexy with food. This is why Louisa May is so awesome.

Louisa May PatriotThis Louisa May gallery goes out to all the military folks out there. You give your lives and I give you boobs! Louisa supports you too, now imagine getting a face full of those boobs in boot camp ;)

Louisa May Powerpuff GirlAss and titties is what Louisa May is all about and she gives us a nice preview of both today. I love the upskirt shots from behind, I just want to rip those panties off and have my way with her!

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