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Archive for the ‘Hitomi Tanaka’ Category

Hitomi Tanaka GIFsI know what you want to see, Hitomi Tanaka GIFs. Since she is one of my favorite busty models of all time, I’m very happy to see her bouncing around and masturbating for Scoreland, showing us that she is definitely getting more naughty with herself recently.

Hitomi Tanaka Soft Nude CurvesHitomi Tanaka is a sharp girl but she’s got some soft curves, the kind that oozes sexuality and makes you melt! Today we get to enjoy Hitomi in bed which is always super sexy, but things really heat up when she removes her panties and starts spreadin’ em.

Hitomi Tanaka Sexy Lipstick NipplesThis gallery has everything seductive: dark lipstick, leopard print bra, and bottomless panties. It gets even better when you realize this is Hitomi Tanaka at her finest, climbing on the table naked and showing us what lipstick nipples look like.

Hitomi Tanaka Lady In RedI’ve been waiting for this moment to happen, Hitomi Tanaka finally plays the lady in red! I’m talking about the skin tight red dress and high heels, the outfit a confident and curvy woman who knows what she wants: for her clothes to come off. She’s smart and sexy!

Hitomi Tanaka Raw and SpreadI really like Hitomi Tanaka at this angle, raw, exposed, and spreading her legs. If that isn’t enough for you, Hitomi decides to stick a toy between her boobs and attempt to lick it. Say Hitomi, if you need something to lick, how about something more phallic? :P

Hitomi Tanaka Miracle BoobsYes Hitomi Tanaka has miracle boobs but what I really noticed is that frizzy hair! Call me crazy but I notice everything about my favorite models, and definitely notice when they wear sexy lingerie. In today’s case, we get to see Hitomi get naked on the couch and show us angles we’ve never seen before.

Hitomi Tanaka A Fun Night OutHitomi Tanaka enjoys going out during the weekends, wearing something sexy so she can turn heads. Considering that Hitomi wears a see thru mini dress when she goes out, I’m surprised the whole town isn’t stopping and staring at her wonderful curves. I know I am.

Hitomi Tanaka Day On The WaterA day on the water turns into an all out sex romp for Hitami Tanaka today. As it turns out, Hitomi loves the feeling of a speed boat, so when they end up docking, the first thing she does is rip off her bikini and bounce around. From the looks of this stilt house, many busty women have had nude romps here, including Hitomi.

Hitomi Tanaka Different AnglesScoreland is good at getting models on glass, and today we get to enjoy different angles of Hitomi Tanaka. What starts off as a classy lingerie set ends up with Hitomi pressing her boobs on glass, gently rolling over so she can give us the unique angle of her ass against glass and boobs spilling over the side.

Hitomi Tanaka BodypaintJust when I thought Hitomi Tanaka couldn’t get any better, she goes and paints her body and then hops in the shower to wash it all off. Now I’m a big fan of bodypaint because it allows ladies who normally wouldn’t go naked, to go naked! In Hitomi’s case, she excited about washing off and flaunting her torpedo boobs.

Hitomi Tanaka Japanese DollBy request is a bra busting set that will leave you speechless. Hitomi Tanaka has always made me wonder, how does she find bras? Her torpedo boobs are so big that busting out of clothes is nothing new to her, but it’s still like getting an amazing present every time those boobs bounce out.

Hitomi Tanaka School Of RackI would happily go back to school if there was such thing as a “School of Rack“. It seems Hitomi Tanaka is the most recent student and the dean heard she had a wild streak, which she proves true in this set. There’s no need for clothes on Hitomi, I think that’s legally considered a crime against humanity. Hahaha!

Hitomi Tanaka Trying on SweatersIf you thought Hitomi Tanaka looked good before, wait until you see her play the sweater girl. I have a special place in my heart for busty chicks who wear extremely tight sweaters, and it looks like Hitomi forgot her pants today. I like when that happens.

Hitomi Tanaka Bullet BraIt’s been a long time since we’ve seen a bullet bra and I’m glad it’s Hitomi Tanaka that is wearing it. I mean come on, her boobs were made for pointy bras. She doesn’t have torpedo tits for nothing after all. ;)

Hitomi Tanaka Kinky PurpleThis might be Hitomi Tanaka’s most revealing gallery, and definitely one of her kinkiest. I won’t jump to conclusions here, but do you guys think we’ll see Hitomi spread soon? We came close once when she debuted on Scoreland, it’s possible it might happen!

Hitomi Tanaka The Student BodyHitomi Tanaka is dominating Scoreland this month for several reasons. First one is obvious, she was flown to a tropical location and that would cause any girl to take off her clothes in excitement. Second is the fact that Hitomi LOVES to give us a good tease but today’s schoolgirl set is very revealing.

Hitomi Tanaka Morning DelightI had this dream that I would go onto Scoreland today and find something amazing, and boy did I. If you thought Hitomi Tanaka looked good before, wait until you see her morning routine. Takes her clothes off in bed, brushes her teeth nude and hops in the shower. Trust me, this one is legendary from the start.

Valory Irene and Friends SunbathingYou know those scenes in movies where there’s a group of hot girls sunbathing naked? This is that today but much better because it involes one of the best trios I’ve seen on Scoreland: Valory Irene, Sha Rizel, and Hitomi Tanaka.

Hitomi Tanaka Candy BikiniHitomi Tanaka really is a sweet girl, especially wearing this candy bikini today. That’s right, candy bikini. If all you can think about is biting off all the candy to get to Hitomi’s sweet center, join the club!

Hitomi Tanaka Nude WaitressLet’s just admit it, we all would like Hitomi Tanaka to serve us with food and boobs. I would definitely pick the boobs though because my instant thought whenever I see Hitomi is “I want to dive in!”. Of course, it’s even more intense after seeing her pour water all over her body.

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