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Archive for the ‘Felicia Clover’ Category

Felicia Clover Thick AngelEven though Felicia Clover is retired, I feel like everyone deserves to cherish this thick beauty, and her Evil Angel set is the perfect excuse to post her. Let me put it this way, if you saw Felicia dressed like this in the street, wearing a flowing dress that hugs her curves perfectly, you would drool too.

Felicia Clover Early PhotosI was browsing around today and found these very early amateur pictures of Felicia Clover. It’s amazing to see how far she has come since she’s a huge star now and even does hardcore. Back to her roots though, she is just a fun loving girl who likes to make funny faces and take pictures of herself naked. Hell yes!

Felicia Clover Anatomy of CurvesI love seeing all angles of a naked curvy model and Felicia Clover answers our anatomy fantasies today. While this idea has been done before, I don’t think anyone can replicate the amazing and unique curves that Felicia Clover has.

Felicia Clover Mini DressIt’s not shock that Felicia Clover has put on some weight lately, elevating herself in PAWG territory. Now the true test is the tight dress and Felicia Clover pulls it off perfectly, literally.

Felicia Clover Tied UpOh yea, my wishes have been answered by seeing a very kinky Felicia Clover all tied up today. I’m always glad to see a curvy babe tied up and liking it, and I love that Scoreland did those side shots of Felicia because her booty and boobs defy what I thought I knew about curves.

Felicia Clover Blue DressThis is fucking curves people, Felicia Clover in a blue dress. Yes I am totally jealous of that guy licking her ass, because that ass is enough for 3 people. I’ve always been a fan of when Felicia bends over, especially in a tiny dress.

Felicia Clover Pale Pounder So what exactly is a Pale Pounder? I can tell you right now it’s pretty much a PAWG and I’d say Felicia Clover is officially one. Remember when she started out as a pigtail cutie? Now she is a PAWG legend!

Felicia Clover Red CurvesYou know how you have to have something atleast once or twice a month? That’s how I feel about seeing Felicia Clover. Seeing her naked in a new set every other week makes me a happy guy, and I hope you guys enjoy this one as well.

Felicia Clover Big NaturalsFelicia Clover is getting pretty busy lately since she has done hardcore. I am actually glad to see her on Big Naturals, they are partially why I started this site. So I’d say it’s pretty appropriate to post Felicia getting a sexy massage.

Felicia Busty In Bed18andbusty wants you to know that Felicia Clover is still an amateur girl at heart. With all the hardcore lately, one can forget about where girls started. In this case it’s pigtails in bed.

Felicia Clover First AnalDon’t rub your eyes, this is the real deal. Felicia Clover’s first anal scene on camera. Believe it or not she has done hardcore three times already (here, here and here) so anal? Let’s just say the heavens have shone upon us today with beautiful PAWG ass being fucked.

Felicia Clover BootyliciousNow this is what I like to see, Felicia Clover in a skin tight dress with her booty popping out. I oculd go on but the image of Felicia’s booty bouncing is making me want to finish this set asap. Mmmm I love bouncing butts.

Felicia Clover Sex Training VideoIt’s about time I post the video that goes along with this hardcore set. Felicia Clover really is a pro at sex training which leads me to believe she has fucked before!

Felicia Clover Tub TimeThe greatest bath tub picture set you will ever see is this one. Felicia Clover will make you begging for more, because I sure am. Fuck, just look at that last picture and you will see what I mean.

Felicia Clover Sex TrainingLast week Felicia Clover was taking a class on sex ed. It turns out she aced that class and is now in sex training 101. Sex training involves two stupid, of opposite sexes. Ah you get the point, Felicia gets fucked again!

Felicia Clover Sex EdIt’s good to see that Felicia Clover now has a class on sex ed. Although it’s humorous I still post her amateur stuff from time to time, it seems these latest pictures reflect her new choice in life: college babe.

Felicia All WetJust as I was getting used to the likes of Grace McKenzie, 18andbusty releases a new Felicia set. So of course my ears perked up and I got excited to see that Felicia was back being wet, and I’m not sure what I like more. Felicia in the shower or in the bath.

Felicia Clover Hardcore VideoWhat can I say, we all dreamed that when Felicia first started she do hardcore. Now a year after her debut, we finally get the best wish ever. Felicia Clover hardcore, on video, in HD.

Felicia Clover HardcoreDo not adjust your screen, or rub your eyes. This is the real deal Felicia Clover in her FIRST hardcore shoot ever. Seriously, I am really excited about this considering last week I just talked about her and prayed she do hardcore. My dreams have come true!

Felicia Clover ShortsCan anyone beat Felicia Clover? Ok hear me out, I really think she is the best newcomer to the big boob world. Not only does she have the biggest perky boobs around, she also has a beautiful round ass. A slim tummy, great smile, sexy hair. Dare I go on?

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