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Archive for the ‘Downblouse Loving’ Category

Elle Downblouse StripI was surprised to see Elle from Downblouse Loving take off so many clothes, normally we get teased by their models. Then again the art of downblouse also includes the very sought after nip slip (or complete nude slip in this case).

Demi Scott Dishes DownblouseOver the years we have seen Demi Scott in some extremely sexual positions (like run a sperm bank and caught naked showering), but washing dishes? I gotta say, boobs can make even the most boring task like doing housework seem really exciting, they have that kind of power.

Gemma Lou Downblouse ViewYou guys don’t mind two days of Gemma Lou right? This actually isn’t her first time doing downblouse work, so I would consider her quite the pro. Then again she still does have that shy girl next door look.

Gemma Lou Cleaning DownblouseI just love seeing the sight of Gemma Lou cleaning and her boobs keep popping out. It’s really one of those great things in life and Downblouse Loving really does make cleaning cleavage happen A LOT. Plus Gemma is just a doll.

Talia Cleaning DownblouseTalia was a prude last time we saw her, showing off her cleavage while reading. Today it seems like she forgot her bra while cleaning, and she’s wearing a very low cut top.

Gemma Lou DownblouseRemember Gemma Lou from Only Tease? Of course you do, those boobs are so big they’ll make your eyes pop. Luckily for us Downblousing Loving had her do some cleaning in a low cut top and her boobs fall out A LOT!

Kim Cleaning ToplessWe’ve known Kim to be more of a relaxing type of model, but today she decides to do some cleaning. Cleaning is never easy at Downblouse Loving, these girls always find their boobs popping out. For me, that’s what I dream about seeing.

Tibby Muldoon Piano LessonsPiano lessons are what Downblouse Loving does best and between Talia and Vickie, I’d say we have a great cast. Let’s not forget the very talented Tibby Muldoon who has been very kind to us over the years, and now she is kind with cleavage lessons.

Tibby Muldoon CleaningAdmit it, you love seeing a busty babe get on her hands and knees to do some cleaning. It’s not the cleaning part that gets me, it’s the swaying boobs part and Tibby Muldoon’s boobs pop out several times here.

Kim Piano DownblousePiano cleavage is a special kind of cleavage. Kim from Downblouse Loving now joins the very exclusive big boobs piano crew and I think she would make a piano player. Now if only they had naked musicals :P

Talia Piano CleavagePiano lessons are making a comeback, probably because they involve cleavage when I post it. Remember Talia was a texting fiend last time, but today she sits down and takes a very busty piano lesson. Yay for boobs and music.

Vickie Piano Downblouse VideoI still have Vickie from Downblouse Loving on my minds. So what do I do? I look for videos of her and I found the one of the infamous piano scene. I never took piano lessons before, but I really want to now.

Jodie Piper Extreme UpboobWait, what is upboob? It’s the exact opposite of downblouse and Jodie Piper is here to demonstrate. It’s much different than the downblouse we are used to, infact it’s a new concept. I’m glad this is coming from Jodie.

Talia Reading DownblouseIt’s short but sweet when you have reading downblouse. Like a quick glance but in video screencap form, and remember when we saw Talia texting last week? It seems she really loves all kinds of cleavage activity.

Talia Downblouse TextingYou’ve probably seen it in public, it’s downblouse texting. Let’s face it, sometimes you get a big boobed babe like Talia texting away, and her boobs are swaying. Can you blame me for looking?

Michelle Monaghan DownblouseI knew this looked familiar, I’ve seen this video of Michelle Monaghan reading. Now I have some high res screencaps of Michelle failing to keep her boobs inside her top, and that’s a very good thing when Michelle’s boobs pop out.

Kim Reading DownblouseKim is one of the most requested models for a reason. She is cute, busty and a bit on the skinny side. For those who enjoy a girl who loves to read, and to show her boobs off you need to look no further.

Vickie Driving DownblouseHere’s something we don’t see too often, driving cleavage. Vickie hops in her car, turns the key and makes all heads turn. While she isn’t alone in posing in tiny clothes in cars, she certainly has the biggest boobs.

Blonde Babe Downblouse VideoMan this video really brings me back, to the day when watching cleavage was the most exciting thing ever. I still get excited whenever I see a boob pop out, and I love how amazing this blonde girl’s boobs really are.

Vickie Piano LessonsWait didn’t we see Vickie taking piano lessons already? Yes we did. Never in a top like today though, you want to talk about extreme cleavage just take a good look at Vickie.

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