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Archive for the ‘Demi Scott’ Category

Demi Scott Sexy Office AttireI like to think that Demi Scott spent hours putting this office attire on, only to rip it off within seconds. It certainly makes the last few pictures of this gallery extra special, considering Demi’s liberal use of her legs and no panties. If you catch my drift.

Demi Scott Mini SkirtI just realized that Demi Scott never wears panties with mini skirts. This is a very good thing because let’s face it, if we saw a chick like Demi in public with such a short skirt, we would all wish for a gust of wind to just lift it up. Luckily for us, we don’t need wind because Demi does it herself.

Demi Scott Leopard BedroomDemi Scott looks like a totally different chick in this leopard bedroom set with her frizzy hair, ear to ear smile and thick landing strip that is just too damn inviting. Seriously, one good look at Demi with her legs spread and you’ll want to jump through your screen to land on her!

Demi Scott Stairs StripIt’s pretty rare that I’m left speechless, but watching Demi Scott strip on the stairs did it for me. There is just something about Demi’s round butt that leaves me mesmerized every single time, and her ass looks fucking amazing today.

Demi Scott Cream Of BoobsYou know the term creme de la creme? I feel like that’s Demi Scott today as she slowly rubs cream all over her boobs, taking off her clothes in the process and proving that 99% of us will be licking our screens at this point. It’s true, I am.

Kelley Scarlett Huge NaturalsRecently I’ve come across an awesome archive of Demi Scott videos at Wank It Now, and let me say that these are amazing hidden treasures. First we get to see Demi being real friendly in her skirt, then she does a topless interview, finishing off with a game of half naked pool. Demi knows how to work hard AND play hard.

Demi Scott Wank It Now VideosI had the luxury of going through Demi Scott’s work on Wank It Now (where she goes as Mercedes) and decided to post some of the best videos I can find. Starting with Demi shaving the shower, we then move to the bedroom to watch Demi bending over in a tiny skirt without panties, and we finish off watching Demi play with herself while bottomless.

Demi Scott All Dolled UpSince Demi Scott is one of the most popular models on this site, I knew stumbling across her rare Busty Britain work was a good idea today. Do you realize we haven’t really seen Demi much in make up? Normally she goes all natural but I must admit, she looks stunning with some dark lipstick and proper lingerie.

Demi Scott Loves LondonThere are a lot of busty models from England, but few show off their pride like Demi Scott. As a lover of british boobs, I’m glad ladies like Demi exist, slowly taking off their lingerie and bouncing around in the nude. This is why I certainly wank it now. Ha ha ha!

Demi Scott Flashing In PublicIf there’s one thing that Demi Scott likes to do, it’s get naked in public. She’s a huge exhibitionist and as you can tell today, feeling pretty frisky on the trail, pulling down her top and panties to show other hikers the beauty of nature. I need to go on hikes like this.

Demi Scott and Jenny DownblouseI’ve been posting a lot of Downblouse Loving videos lately, so I think it’s time for a rare set that almost slipped through. The set where Demi Scott and Jenny Baker are having a few drinks in low cut tops, and they can’t stop playing with each others boobs. Now if only I could be in this boob sandwich!

Demi Scott Lollipop SuckWhen I feel like Demi Scott has done it all, I see her doing something that raises the bar again. We’ve definitely seen girls licking lollipops before but none as seductively as Demi Scott today, and yes, she does play with that lollipop in her pussy. Mmm nothing better than sweet pussy.

Demi Scott Shirt and High SocksDemi Scott always manages to keep things fresh with her galleries, and today is no different. We find out what happens when Demi is wearinlg only a mens shirt and high socks, some really amazing pictures. Seriously, when’s the last time we saw Demi nude and upclose at this angle? It’s like she’s standing right over us and that provides some of the best views.

Demi Scott Flash The TownDemi Scott really loves flashing the town, and this isn’t her first run at it. Infact I would say Demi is quite comfortable with just walking around naked and having people stare at her incredible boobs as they bounce and sway. Why can’t this be one of those hashtag campaigns? #FlashTheTown, come on ladies, it’s fun! :P

Demi Scott Flower DressApparently there’s a few rare Demi Scott galleries, and this flower dress set is one of them. I gotta say, I’ve been paying attention to Demi for years, but I’ve never seen her look more natural than she does today. I think Demi just likes to frolic around in the nude.

Demi Scott Garden WankThis set took me forever to find, but I just had to see Demi Scott strip down to her birthday suit in the garden. She is what I call the garden variety because Demi isn’t just big bouncy boobs (although it’s her most prized asset), she also has one round booty that looks great in the sunlight.

Demi Scott Corset CurvesIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything from Geronimos Buxom Belles, but I couldn’t resist this Demi Scott gallery. First off, I have never seen it before and secondly, it’s Demi busting out of a tight corset! I love when that happens.

Demi Scott Skinztease GirlSometimes on the weekends I go through my favorite models and see if there’s any galleries I have missed. As it turns out, I missed when Demi Scott was on Skinztease which is pretty fucking sexy, how could you beat Demi in a tiny tube top and orange thong so small that it barely exists?!

Demi Scott Wash The CarSometimes Demi Scott doesn’t like doing her chores but the car needed a wash. So Demi goes outside in her loose fitting dress and realizes it’s actually quite cold. Good for us, not so good for Demi’s nipples which get rock hard after being introduced to cold water.

Demi Scott Nude KitchenI came across these extreme high quality screencaps of Demi Scott today, and yes I got an instant boner. Too much information? Believe me, when you watch Demi strip down in the kitchen and you get a sense of how big her boobs truely are, your pants will tighten too. Also is it me or does Demi look better completely shaved?

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