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Archive for the ‘Chloe Vevrier’ Category

Chloe Vevrier Laundry DayYou know what I’m thankful for this year? Laundry! Not doing it, watching busty chicks like Chloe Vevrier load up the clothes and realize she has one more pair left: the one she’s wearing! Before you know it, Chloe Vevrier turns everyone into a fan of laundry day as they watch her finish the load cycle in the nude.

Chloe Vevrier Busty PilotWould you fly in a plane with Chloe Vevrier if she was the busty pilot? My answer is forget luggage, I’m ready to fly now! In case you didn’t know, Chloe has a love for planes and considering how much she champions for the mile high club, today is looking mighty promising for us frequent flyers.

Chloe Vevrier Doing DishesDoing the dishes just got way more exciting thanks to Chloe Vevrier. Then again, if a busty legend wearing lace lingerie was standing in my kitchen, washing dishes, you bet I would offer some help and even try to contain her boobs from swaying too much. What? I have interesting fantasies. :P

Chloe Vevrier Red Hot ShowerNothing beats a steamy shower on a cold day, and Chloe Vevrier turns up the heat by playing with her favorite red toy. We’ve seen Chloe be quite naughty with herself, but today you can really see how close to orgasm she comes to… several times.

Chloe Vevrier Chess PlayerThe game of chess just got more interesting thanks to Chloe Vevrier. This game is all about strategy and it’s trying not to stare at Chloe’s boobs while she moves all the pieces and wins. I will admit, I gladly want to lose to Chloe so I can stare at her boobs. Checkmate.

Chloe Vevrier Boobs In JapanThings tend to be smaller in Japan, so I bet when they got a look at Chloe Vevrier, well, you be the judge. Let’s just say with a huge pair of european boobs like that, a lot of drooling happened when Chloe brought them out to play.

Chloe Vevrier Sexy Love LettersWriting love letters used to be very popular, now it’s more or less about sexting. Chloe Vevrer decides to do a throwback gallery to the time when writing letters in lingerie was sexy, oh wait it still is! Especially with Chloe playing with herself.

Chloe Vevrier Pink LingerieIf there’s one thing that Chloe Vevrier does well, it’s keeping things fresh. I’m not talking about the fruit she ate last week, I’m talking about her ideas for galleries which happens to be all about pink lingerie today. It’s a good color on her because her pink skin is equally as sexy.

Chloe Vevrier Fruits and BoobsI feel like Chloe Vevrier is reliving some ancient text today that said the lady of the village got all the fruit to make her boobs grow ever bigger. As you can see, Chloe makes sure to wear the smallest dress when eating different fruit because things can get messy.

Chloe Vevrier Best Xmas BoobsMerry Christmas everyone! Chances are you are binging on some TV, drinks and good food, right? Let’s not forget the thing that’s always on our mind: BOOBS! Chloe Vevrier is here to celebrate with some presents which happens to be her two bouncy boobs that inspires everyone.

Chloe Vevrier Busty MaidNeed room service? Just call Chloe Vevrier and she’ll hand you extra towels and extra cleavage. Oh yea, that’s right, Chloe Vevrier is that topless maid you keep hearing about, and watching her huge boobs pop out makes me want to make a mess just so she can visit a second time. ;)

Chloe Vevrier Milk ShakeChloe Vevrier’s milk shake brings all the men to the yard, because it takes a real man to handle her curves. Ok ok, I know that’s not fair for you ladies who are mesmerized by Chloe’s boobs so I will say this, her milk shake looks like the best I would ever taste in my life, and I want it.

Chloe Vevrier Fresh SqueezedMy god, she does it again. Chloe Vevrier manages to stick in my mind all day because she is squeezing fresh juice with her boobs! Do I wish that was my head? Yes. Do I wish that Chloe squeezed me for hours? Uhm, YES!

Chloe Vevrier Phone SexRing ring ring, answer the phone, it’s Chloe Vevrier and she is feeling frisky! If you ever wondered who is behind that sensual voice on the phone, it’s the most busty legend this planet has seen. Can you tell I’m really obsessed with Chloe? :P

Chloe Vevrier Apache CostumeEver since Chloe Vevrier relaunched her site, I’ve been getting tons of requests for more. I got just what you need, a pre-halloween gallery of Chloe in her apache costume looking like the future winner of the 2015 best costume award. Is it too early to judge? :P

Chloe Vevrier Bikini SeasonThat’s right, Chloe Vevrier is back for the summer season and wants to show off her brand new bikini. Before she even walks out to the beach, she has that top off and her big boobs out to play. This is why I love the summer, unlimited amounts of boobs on display.

Chloes World Classic LingerieIt’s been awhile since we’ve seen Chloe Vevrier and I’m feeling pretty nostalgic today, so I figured you guys would enjoy a nice classic gallery from her Chloes World days. This was a time when Chloe was one of the most popular models around, sporting a full bush and getting pretty naughty on camera.

Chloe Vevrier Autumn PicturesOne thing you’ll notice about Chloe Vevrier’s latest updates is that they are very candid. Chloe has been going back to her roots where trying on lingerie in the dressing room is extremely exciting and it is! Imagine being at a lingerie store and seeing Chloe walk out of the dressing room, that would be amazing.

Chloe Vevrier Busting Out SeriesChloe Vevrier has been keeping busy lately, mostly buying dresses that will barely cover her huge boobs. This is one fine lady I never get sick of seeing, especially in such cleavagey outer wear.

Chloe Vevrier Out and AboutChloe Vevrier’s latest sets has her out and about in a low cut dress as well as a sweater and skirt. I’m not sure what I like more, but I do know that Chloe’s cleavage is unbeatable.

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