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Abbi Secraa Final ExamAbbi Secraa is taking her final exam today and I’d say she’s really into her schoolwork. Two questions into the exam and she’s already on the desk with her boobs out and skirt around her ass. I think Abbi just passed the test.

Abbi Secraa Wash BasinNow this is a concept that needs to be done more: boob washing. Of course Abbi Secraa is the perfect model to plop her huge tits in a wash basin and get them nice and clean, only to make us feel dirty. ;)

Abbi Secraa Koronki SheerEverytime I think the brits have won, I see Abbi Secraa in a new sheer outfit and realize that poland still has some of the biggest boobs ever. Sure Abbi may be top of the bell curve but that’s what makes her so damn special.

Abbi Secraa Busty NurseThere is a medicine in this world that most medical books don’t cover: boobs. The power of boobs is so strong that it can turn a sad man into a happy man. In this case today, nurse Abbi Secraa is here to make our sickness go away and for our boners to appear. It works!

Abbi Secraa Sensual Breast ExamLittle did I know that Abbi Secraa’s sheer top gallery caused an uproar, in a very good way. Well Abbi is about to cause another with these screencaps of her breast exam and yes, we all want to give Abbi a breast exam. Get in line!

Abbi Secraa Sheer TopIf there’s one model that manages to make the best out of sheer tops, it’s Abbi Secraa. I mean just look at her, her boobs already fill out regular tops, make it sheer and I bet you will not be able to keep your eyes off her. No seriously, so many people tell me Abbi ALWAYS makes them stare.

Abbi Secraa EvolutionThe evolution of Abbi Secraa shows she has come a long way since her beginning. I mean here she is today wearing a really sheer top and showing her boobs off to everyone on the side of the road. I’d say that’s a damn good evolution.

Abbi Secraa PlazyThe biggest boobs in poland, perhaps the world is back today. This time Abbi Secraa is on the beach which I learned is called Plazy. See, you can learn something from huge boobs on your screen.

Abbi Secraa Ride For FreeAbbi Secraa answers her question today, can she get a ride for free? The answer is yes, especially with her insanely huge boobs exposed. Seriously Abbi is a car babe and I would have no problem stomping on my brakes to get a good look.

Abbi Secraa Sending A MessageI think the message that Abbi Secraa is sending out today is pretty clear, she wants attention. She’s got it because nobody on this planet can ignore those boobs. Abbi could be walking in public and stop traffic instantly.

Abbi Secraa Behind The ScenesAbbi Secraa always comes up with some really crazy galleries, but today we get a nice candid behind the scenes gallery. Seeing Abbi smile with her boobs swinging might be the best thing I’ve seen all day.

Abbi Secraa ExamThis is the gallery all you guys have been waiting for, the Abbi Secraa breast exam. Trust me, everything she has done so far doesn’t compare to this extreme fantasy and she has even posed in extreme lace!

Abbi Secraa MessageIf this is Abbi Secraa’s way of sending a message, then I want to read all her messages. The fact that she has the classic pinup look today makes me like her even more.

Abbi Secraa Breasts In MorningFunny enough this is the image I had in my head when I think of Abbi Secraa in the morning. A nice sheer teddy with huge boobs ready to pop out, and yea you can say Abbi always stretches her clothes ;)

Abbi Secraa MilkyBelieve me, waking up with Abbi Secraa would be the best thing ever. Having breakfast with her? It looks like a lot of fun because she busts out the milk only to make her boobs grow more. Abbi really knows what’s right for her body.

Abbi Secraa Red BootsIt seems arbitrary to point out Abbi Secraa’s red boots when her boobs are just so big. Then again, Abbi has worn some really sexy outfits from a lace one piece to even celebrating oktoberfest. Today though, it’s all about the boots.. and boobs.

Abbi Secraa Messy BoobsAdmit it, you want to lick all that cream off Abbi Secraa’s boobs and then go for seconds. We all love messy boobs, and even better when things are licked off them. In Abbi’s case there is a lot of boob to be licked.

Abbi Secraa WhipsNow this is the Abbi Secraa I’ve been waiting for, a suddenly kinky babe today. Now I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind being whipped by Abbi if it meant getting to stuff my face into her massive chest. They look good in dresses, even better in leather.

Abbi Secraa SchoolgirlOk this is weird but sometimes I feel like my prayers are truely answered. A month back I posted the Abbi Secraa schoolgirl screencaps. I was wishing for high res pics and what do I find today? High res schoolgirl pics of Abbi Secraa! Maybe she just views my site and takes notes :P

Abbi Secraa Extreme LaceAbbi Secraa is THE extreme in the big boobs world and while she isn’t alone, she certainly is the first name that pops in my head when I hear “Huge fucking tits”. So Abbi showing off everything today in her fishnet outfit is no surprise but, I might add the outfit is killer!

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