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Archive for the ‘Abbi Secraa’ Category

Abbi Secraa Huge Boobs GIFsYou know what’s great about waking up with Abbi Secraa? Watching her roll around in bed, and today I found the best GIFs from her lazy morning set which had excellent pictures but lacked one thing: Abbi’s boobs in motion!

Abbi Secraa Big Boobs ReleasedYou know it’s going to be a good day when you find Abbi Secraa releasing her boobs with a big smile on her face. Then she goes to sit down which is actually pretty sexy considering Abbi’s sex appeal and attitude towards nudity.

Abbi Secraa Breast ImpessionAbbi Secraa gives off a great impression wearing this see thru blue one piece, a breast impression you could say. Get it? Yea you get it, but you want to stare at Abbi’s huge boobs and I don’t blame you one bit!

Abbi Secraa Just NaturalIs it just me or would you give an arm and a leg to be able to just lay on Abbi Secraa’s boobs? Part of me wonders what it would be like to spend a night with her, and then I see galleries like this and that becomes all of me. Damn Abbi, why do your boobs have to be perfect pillows? :P

Abbi Secraa Lazy Naked MorningThis might be the best possible way to wake up in the morning, with Abbi Secraa naked in bed. She is showing off way more skin recently, and today she tries to wrap her huge boobs up but soon finds out even those sheets can’t contain them!

Abbi Secraa Black Corset TitsThere’s two sides of Abbi Secraa that we see, the first one is most common which happens to be the light and bubbly Abbi. The second side is a bit more frisky, like today, wearing a leather corset and showing us her boobs cannot be contained, literally.

Abbi Secraa See Thru DressNo need to rub your eyes, this really is Abbi Secraa posing in an almost see thru mini dress, and she looks better than ever. I never imagined I would be so excited about a nearly nude tease but Abbi does it again, she uses her huge boobs to convince me that she’s the hottest thing on the planet.

Abbi Secraa RelaxationTo most people, relaxing is as simple as laying down. To Abbi Secraa, laying down is something erotic considering her tits are basically up to her face. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind that problem in reverse because I would gladly lay with Abbi’s boobs in my face all day long.

Abbi Secraa Red LingerieAbbi Secraa looked great in black latex last week, but today she is all about the red lingerie. It is the color of seduction after all, and while I would say that Abbi needs no help with that, this lingerie definitely adds sex appeal to her already large tits.

Abbi Secraa Tied Up In BedIf it feels like Abbi Secraa is becoming more frisky, it’s because she is. Today she goes above and beyond her comfort zone and decides to get tied up in bed as her boobs come popping out. I’m not gonna lie, I would definitely spend hours just playing with her boobs in this position.

Abbi Secraa Topless TanningI won’t lie, I get pleasure out of seeing ladies suntanning, which is why I always come back to Abbi Secraa. You see, she is all about tanning topless considering how large her boobs are, so it takes some time to get a nice full tan. Aren’t you glad that Abbi puts on that show today for us (and her neighbors)?

Abbi Secraa Come Dance With MeImagine you’re in the club, the beats are bumpin’ and the drinks are flowing. Suddenly you turn around and see Abbi Secraa in a see thru skin tight dress, and she wants to dance. This is the part where we enjoy Abbi’s big bouncy boobs but I will say this, if Abbi was in the club, I can imagine her having a crowd.

Abbi Secraa Sideways BoobsAbbi Secraa’s latest set “turning sideways”. focuses all about boobs in bed, and considering how large Abbi’s boobs are, this set is bound to please. Plus, I love watching Abbi get surprised even by her own boobs which suggests that she wakes up every morning and appreciates the natural beauties given to her.

Abbi Secraa Indoor ShowerI’m so glad we get to join Abbi Secraa in the shower because if there’s anything better than her huge boobs, it’s her huge wet boobs. I know we’ve seen her in the pool before but having a sensual shower adds that extra level of sexuality to an already sexual busty goddess.

Abbi Secraa Missing SummerIt’s been unseasonably warm where I live, so my desire for more summer weather has been extended somewhat. Another person who misses summer is Abbi Secraa because it’s the one time a year where she gets to walk with her boobs out, or in this case, lay down with her boobs out.

Abbi Secraa Sheer Black SwimsuitAbbi Secraa has been spending a lot of time in the pool lately, and for a good reason, she has tons of new swimsuits to show off! Today we get the treat of seeing Abbi’s half sheer black swimsuit which reveals just how huge her boobs are. Infact, I dare you not to stare if you saw this swimsuit in public.

Abbi Secraa Outdoor White DressSheer dresses were made for summer and Abbi Secraa proves it today by wearing one that barely covers her huge boobs. That’s ok though because the wind is blowing, and the outfit was covering too much anyway, which is why Abbi lets her puppies free.

Abbi Secraa Green SwimsuitIt’s hot as hell, so going for a swim is a great idea. Abbi Secraa is the only one in the pool today which means her boobs can come out to play, however I don’t think she needs that floatie because her massive boobs could probably keep her afloat forever.

Abbi Secraa Large Breasts EveningHere’s the thing about Abbi Secraa, her boobs are so large, that all you can think about is sleep on them, bounce them, crush beer cans with them. That last part is from watching too much television, but this gallery proves that Abbi’s boobs can make anyone stop dead in their tracks just to stare.

Abbi Secraa Ice CubeIt’s hot out there, so cool yourself down with some ice like Abbi Secraa is doing today. The thing I like most about this set is the fact that Abbi needs more than one ice cube to rub down her huge boobs and nipples. I think I got some ice in my freezer, need more Abbi? ;)

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