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Archive for the ‘Abbi Secraa’ Category

Abbi Secraa Missing SummerIt’s been unseasonably warm where I live, so my desire for more summer weather has been extended somewhat. Another person who misses summer is Abbi Secraa because it’s the one time a year where she gets to walk with her boobs out, or in this case, lay down with her boobs out.

Abbi Secraa Sheer Black SwimsuitAbbi Secraa has been spending a lot of time in the pool lately, and for a good reason, she has tons of new swimsuits to show off! Today we get the treat of seeing Abbi’s half sheer black swimsuit which reveals just how huge her boobs are. Infact, I dare you not to stare if you saw this swimsuit in public.

Abbi Secraa Outdoor White DressSheer dresses were made for summer and Abbi Secraa proves it today by wearing one that barely covers her huge boobs. That’s ok though because the wind is blowing, and the outfit was covering too much anyway, which is why Abbi lets her puppies free.

Abbi Secraa Green SwimsuitIt’s hot as hell, so going for a swim is a great idea. Abbi Secraa is the only one in the pool today which means her boobs can come out to play, however I don’t think she needs that floatie because her massive boobs could probably keep her afloat forever.

Abbi Secraa Large Breasts EveningHere’s the thing about Abbi Secraa, her boobs are so large, that all you can think about is sleep on them, bounce them, crush beer cans with them. That last part is from watching too much television, but this gallery proves that Abbi’s boobs can make anyone stop dead in their tracks just to stare.

Abbi Secraa Ice CubeIt’s hot out there, so cool yourself down with some ice like Abbi Secraa is doing today. The thing I like most about this set is the fact that Abbi needs more than one ice cube to rub down her huge boobs and nipples. I think I got some ice in my freezer, need more Abbi? ;)

Abbi Secraa White BootsAbbi Secraa may be showing off her white boots, but the first thing I notice is boobs. I know it sounds cliche, but can you really blame me? Here is a lady with boobs so large, she literally has to get custom clothes, and this club get up makes me want to actually go to clubs more (if Abbi was there of course).

Abbi Secraa Wedding ScreencapsI don’t know too many brides who pole dance on their wedding night, but that’s what makes Abbi Secraa so unique. These are the screencaps from her shy bride gallery, and let me tell you, she shows off way more skin in this one.

Abbi Secraa After WeddingIt’s official, Abbi Secraa has wedding fever. What happens after the wedding is always assumed but today we have evidence that Abbi, like many other brides, just wants to rip off her dress and get comfy in bed in the nude.

Abbi Secraa Shy BridePerhaps Abbi Secraa has wedding fever, or she just really loves dressing up as a bride, so as you can see today, she plays the shy bride. How is this possible you might ask, and I say that Abbi is a model first and foremost, so when she plays a role, she does it well.

Abbi Secraa Sheer LingerieAbbi Secraa has been all about the sheer lingerie lately, and I know why, she wants to cover up but still flaunt those massive melons we call boobs. Seriously, I’ve been asked if Abbi has the biggest natural boobs in the world, and I’m pretty sure she does. That’s why I’ll always have a place in my heart for polish models.

Abbi Secraa Definition SexinessOkay, seeing Abbi Secraa try to fit her boobs into a giant martini glass just made my day. She defines sexiness differently than other models and that’s what makes Abbi so damn unique. Plus, think about this, imagine trying to fit her boob in your mouth if it doesn’t even fit in a giant glass! What a sexy dilemma.

Abbi Secraa Busty BrideHere comes the bride, all dressed in white, and really REALLY busty. That bride just so happens to be Abbi Secraa today and she is really excited about getting “married” and then going on her honeymoon in the same day.

Abbi Secraa Black NovemberAbbi Secraa is going through a gothic phase right now, and I like it. She shows the true meaning of winter which goes beyond snow and santa. It shows that black sheer lingerie, lit candles, and ultimately nudity are the key to winter fun.

Abbi Secraa Boobs On GlassI tried to think of someone witty to say about Abbi Secraa sliding her boobs on glass, but I’m speechless. It’s not uncommon to be left speechless by boobs as big as Abbi’s, so I think we should just watch her sliding those oily boobs twice, or even three times!

Abbi Secraa Work Then VacationAbbi Secraa really is a hard working model and I think we should give her recognition for that. Plus she is one of the few chicks I’ve seen who can go straight from work to vacation in the same room. Now that is some serious dedication.

Abbi Secraa Riding For FreeAbbi Secraa was stranded on the side of the road and really needed a ride. It turns out she lost her top and the first car she saw picker her right up. I don’t blame them, if I saw Abbi Secraa hitching a ride topless, you bet your ass I would give her a ride.

Abbi Secraa Tiny Purple BikiniPeople have asked me, “Hey does Abbi Secraa have an ass?” and I can assure you, she has an ass. Today Abbi is frolicing around in her tiny purple bikini and she does flash her ass a few times, along with those massive pillows we call boobs.

Abbi Secraa Bra FittingOk this new Abbi Secraa set is both sexy and funny at the same time. It’s funny because Abbi is trying on bra’s that are for A cup boobs and she obviously doesn’t have A cup boobs. The sexy part is her boobs are so big that they can’t help but bust out of every bra she tries on. I love bra fitting sets.

Abbi Secraa Shiny DressThis shiny dress really grabs your attention but it’s the huge boobs that will keep you looking. I’m still amazed that Abbi manages to find clothes for her mega sized boobs, but that’s because part of me wishes she just walked around naked 24/7.

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