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Katerina Silk CurvesThird time’s a charm with Katerina from 18andbusty because today she is clad in silk, looking like the most beautiful girl in the world. It helps that she really is supermodel beautiful, and has a body of an amazing curvy goddess you read about in ancient texts.

Katerina Cute And CurvyKaterina from 18andbusty is just getting started being the girl of your dreams. She is 100% natural in every way from her long flowing hair to her incredible curves that don’t seem to end. She’s happy to show off all of it with a big smile on her face.Easily one of the best smiles of any model out there.

Katerina Busty CheerleaderI’m so glad we are seeing more of erotic newcomer Melony, and today I found out she made her debut on 18andbusty as the curvy cheerleader named Katerina. I must say, her body is flawless but it’s her smile that is leaving me speechless. Easily one of the best smiles of any model out there.

Lady B Red LingerieLady B is one of my favorite models on 18 and Busty, and I thought we had seen the last of her. Then I stumbled upon this unreleased set of Lady on the couch, slowly removing her lingerie and showing off that wonderfully thick landing strip.

Marina Visconti Sexy DressMarina Visconti is back to prove that the right dress and heels can make a girl 10 times more sexy. Not like Marina had trouble with that to begin with, but you guys know how I am with that high heel obsession.

Kristall The Curvy Girl Next DoorThe cute curvy girl next door is actually Kristall from 18andbusty, a girl that I need to post more often. When I posted her in 2011, she got pretty decent response but I stumbled across this amazing hotel room set and feel like she deserves more attention. Just look at her, she’s cute and thick!

Marina Visconti Amateur StyleI’m so glad that 18andbusty decided to shoot Marina Visconti in a new light, a very amateur style. This is what 18andbusty does best, and today they make Marina (aka Victoria) look like the busty girl next door who just wants to stand naked in the window.

Grace McKenzie Sexy ShowerEver since Grace McKenzie made her way onto 18andbusty, I’ve been posted her shower video and citing it as one of my favorites. Now this newly released set is the high res picture version of that. I love it!

Louisa Lockhart InterviewSometimes I like going back to my favorite sites and look for never before seen sets. That includes girls like Louisa Lockhart who was the most popular solo model for awhile. It’s great to see where she began and even as an amateur she was excited to be naked!

Krissy Shower TimeWhat would you do to be able to hop in the shower with Krissy from 18andbusty? If you said anything, join the club. Krissy is very excited to be showering for us, and I’m excited to see water cascading down those boobs. I fucking love showers.

Hailie InterviewUhm where can I find a job as an interviewer because this looks like fun. Hailie gets her first interview today in a very tight sweater dress and she is definitely not nervous about being naked. I’d say you got the job!

Katalina Just A TowelI was going through the 18andbusty archives, and I came across Katalina. I’m not sure the best way to describe her would be because I’m speechless from the size of her boobs. So all I can say is im glad that towel falls off. 18andbusty does towels well.

Claudia Amateur ShowerI realized that I only posted Claudia from 18andbusty once before, so she deserves a second try. Now for those who know me, I love the 18andbusty shower sets, so I am very excited to post Claudia soaping herself up.

Anetta Shower TimeIt’s nice to see a familiar face over at 18andbusty and Anetta is a breathe of fresh air. One thing I have noticed lately is how 18andbusty is going boobs against glass, something I really love.

Zenda Bath TimeWe get to meet a brand new pierced girl from 18andbusty, and I’m not talking about pierced pussy. Her name is Zenda and she is taking a shower for us right off the bat, which is another thing I love from this site.

Nanni Short DressHah wow, I love seeing Nanni from 18andbusty hike up her skirt with a huge smile on her face. She knows that she isn’t wearing any panties and wants us to see. I see Nanni, and I want to dive in!

Nanni Bed TimeFrom bath time to bed time, it seems Nanni is progressing nicely into being VERY comfortable with us. How much more comfortable can a girl be than in bed, naked and waiting to just get naked? Nanni seems to love it.

Nanni Contagious Smile 18andBustyIs it me or is Nanni’s smile contagious (kinda like Princess from Domai)? Everytime I see her smile, I do too and that includes when she is taking a very sensual bath. I like her on bed today, very natural and you can tell she wants to be there. If you don’t like the bed, how about the couch?

Nanni Bath TimeThe newcomer Nanni finally makes her way onto 18andbusty and in their infamous shower. That’s great because Nanny looks great wet, especially when she is in a sauna or a very steamy shower.

Felicia Busty In Bed18andbusty wants you to know that Felicia Clover is still an amateur girl at heart. With all the hardcore lately, one can forget about where girls started. In this case it’s pigtails in bed.

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