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Julia Cute New Busty RedheadThis is why I keep coming back to Cosmid, because girls like Julia who would otherwise not get naked, end up getting naked on camera for us. I’ve seen a lot of cute busty redheads over the years, but Julia has something special about her, she is just the real deal with a real shapely body.

Ania Colette Polish RedheadIt’s always nice to see more vibrants redheads, especially those from Poland. I feel like we need more polish models like Ania Colette because the brits have been taking off like a storm. Of course we’ve had the luxury of meeting newcomers like Dagmara Bajura and Mari Mars, so there’s definitely a small comeback. Back to Ania though, this chick is cute as hell.

Tereza Vibrant Redhead NewcomerNow I know there are a ton of Tereza’s on Czech Casting, but you won’t forget this vibrant redhead. She is a slim girl who is packing a big punch not only in her chest, but her looks as well. This is one pretty busty girl. ;)

Lucy Vixen BedtimeYes Lucy Vixen is still going strong and I definitely need to post more of her in bed. Of course one of her first nude photo sets was doing in bed so it’s nice to see her come full circle, look more confident and even slightly more thick. Lucy Vixen, you are the redhead goddess of our dreams.

Leanna Decker Sophisticated NudesLeanna Decker has this aurora to her that is indescribable. She is one of the few models that can go from cute and bubbly girl next door to a super sophisticated vixen in lingerie. Her latest work on Holly Randall just proves how versatile she is, and extremely sensual.

Elli Nude Exploring HerselfAfter requests of more vibrant redheads, I knew that I needed to bring back Elli Nude. You know a model is really having fun when she loves to dress up, tease us and then strip completely naked because she simply can’t resist herself. Elli is really growing on me, how about you?

Emma Leigh Curvy With FrecklesI can’t believe I just discovered freckled redhead Emma Leigh until now, and she has an ass that won’t quit! You know what’s also great? I introduced another Emma this month who also has a round ass, so I think it’s safe to say that girls named Emma have really big booties. Say ladies, care to prove this point? ;)

Elli Nude BedroomI take it you guys really liked Elli Nude so I got more sexy pictures of this vibrant but pale redhead. She started off with a bang during some wax play, now she is whipping out her toys in a horny fit. Yep, I have a new favorite.

Lory Erotic Redhead NewcomerHayley Marie definitely lives up to her free spirit vibe in this very bohemian set. Now if you don’t like busty girls frolicking about in sheer shawls, how about taking a look at Hayley Marie as the horny banker. No matter what outfit she is wearing, she always ends up nude and that’s why she is well liked.

Elli Nude Playing With WaxSpeaking of cute pale girls, I ran across Elli Nude today and she is doing something that we always see in softcore porn movies, playing with wax. Part of me wants to drip wax on her, and the other part wants to slowly peel the wax off her boobs. Damn, this girl has quite the effect on me!

Felicia Clover Early PhotosI was browsing around today and found these very early amateur pictures of Felicia Clover. It’s amazing to see how far she has come since she’s a huge star now and even does hardcore. Back to her roots though, she is just a fun loving girl who likes to make funny faces and take pictures of herself naked. Hell yes!

Maria D Back At The BeachIt seems like a blast from the past seeing Maria D nude on the beach, but this is a brand new set of hers. Infact she’s going back to her roots as a vibrant redhead on the beach, which is one of the first sets she has done. This time she is a bit more vibrant with her bright red lipstick.

Vanessa Stairway To HeavenIf you asked me what the defintion of SCORE truely is, I would point you to this Vanessa gallery titled “Stairway to heaven“. To put it simply, she encompasses what curvy really means and only gets better with age. Oh yea, I’m also glad that her bush is back.

Siri Classic PinupSiri has to be one of the most versatile models in the game right now. I mean this is a girl we saw masturbating on the bed, and now she is playing the curvy classical pinup in skin tight lingerie. Siri, please keep doing what you do.

Lulu Vibrant Country GirlWhen I saw Lulu playing the country girl, I knew we had something special. You can call it a trifecta of perfection starting with bright redhead, incredible perky boobs and round ass, and the bonus is those tanlines. I could explore those tanlines all day long in the haystack.

Jaye Rose Office BeautyConsidering where Jaye Rose started, it’s sexy to see her playing a suburban amateur now. The kind of amateur who might be an ambitious temp at the office, and she thought her new office memo said “clothing optional”. :P

Siri Slingshot BikiniOk wow, I thought Siri looked amazing at the beach last week, but this new slingshot gallery is giving me goosebumps. The kind of goosebumps you get when you see an incredibly sexy and curvy redhead standing right infront of you, showing off her new “bikini”. :P

Harley New Redhead SecretaryThings are getting heated up in the office with redhead newcomer Harley. I actually found out she also posed on Cosmid, but let’s focus on her new internship. Her first interview went pretty well with a slow strip eventually showing off her pale round ass. I’d say she got the job.

Jaye Rose Silky Striptease ATKNow here’s a silky striptease from a girl that has the porcelain smooth body, and I’m talking about Jaye Rose. If the color red runs through your head after seeing this set, you aren’t alone. Jaye is vibrant in general but today she puts extra emphasis into her curves and I love it.

Vanessa Beer Garden Boob ShowBeer already sells itself, but Vanessa does a damn good job at being the beer maiden at the local beer garden show. You know what I love about Vanessa? She shows she is hot, yet still looks approachable. She’s the kind of chick who would have a beer with you and probably let you motorboat her massive boobs.

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