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Jessica Rose Cat FightWe’ve all had fantasies of cat fights turning sexy, which is where Jessica Rose comes into play because she has gotten into quite a few cat fights at the St. Mackenzies school. It’s pretty obvious that Jessica (aka Jaye Rose) is a rebel in her own right and that’s what makes her so unique, because she is the bad girl with a penchant for nudity.

Tessa Fowler Shower Time DiarySeeing Tessa Fowler in the shower again made me wonder something. Do busty girls use more soap because they have more skin to wash? I believe the answer is yes from how soapy Tessa gets those puppies today in this brand new candid shower set. Say Tessa, need a hand next time? :P

Jaye Rose More Bopping VideosIt’s the weekend which means one thing: videos of Jaye Rose bopping around and shaking her booty! Some of her best work is one Bopping Babes and that includes playing the raunchy neighbor, taking college dance classes and of course shaking her ass in a black thong. Jaye, keep doing what you do, because it’s awesome.

Patience Sexy Stockings SpinchixThey say patience is virtue and it was definitely worth the wait to see Patience from Spinchix. She may look petite at first, but get a closer look and you’ll see she is actually quite thick and busting, looking like a million bucks in those scarlet red stockings.

Lucy Vixen Blue LingerieI swear, every time we see Lucy Vixen, she manages to look even sexier and thicker than before. I seriously thought this was a different model when I saw her boobs come out and they were bigger than her head, but this is Lucy and she is proud of the fact that her boobs have grown so large.

Alisyn Carliene First Shoot CosmidAlisyn Carliene is cute, curvy, vibrant and daring. Oh yea, this is her first time on Cosmid and her first order of business is letting her boobs out at the park, then deciding at the last minute that she wants to flash her pussy too. I gotta say, we’ve seen some pretty awesome newcomers lately, and Alisyn is one of them.

Zely Nerdy and Curvy RedheadGirls like Zely are why I keep coming back to Suicidegirls, and yes, it’s because I love curvy and nerdy redheads. She starts off wearing a low cut corset that can barely contain her huge torpedo tits, and that’s when she decides being naked is better anyway. I fully agree, a thick girl like Zely should just be naked 24/7.

Ledona Poolside AdventuresThis gallery of Ledona from Met Art touches pretty much all my favorite niche fantasies. First off, Ledona starts off bottomless wearing just a shirt, and as soon as she hops in the water, she does that thing where girls tilt their head back for extra seduction. Finally, one of my favorite things in the world is watching Ledona float up, with her ass in the air.

Jaye Rose Bedroom AmateurBeing a suburban amateur isn’t just about wearing elaborate lingerie. It could also mean simply wearing bra and panties like Jaye Rose does today in bed, and those bra and panties come off pretty quickly. Say Jaye, your neighbors are truly lucky!

Leanna Decker Denim Shorts In NatureWhen I found out that Leanna Decker is posing for the legendary Domai, I yelled finally! Leanna is the perfect example of a natural beauty with her flowing red hair, stunning smile and of course her incredible curves.

Lucy Vixen Shirt BitingWe’ve seen many models bite their lips in a moment of sensuality, but shirt biting? Well let’s just say that Lucy Vixen is starting a new trend where shirts are up, boobs are out, and her eyes are being incredibly seductive. Yea, she’s also very good at that.

Hello Harley Rose Bubble BathJust when I thought Hello Harley Rose couldn’t top her thick hips set, she goes and takes a sensual bubble bath PLUS pours candle wax all over her perky boobs. Let’s admit it, we’ve all seen those softcore movies where a bubble bath and candles are the main focus, so I know all of us would love to pour some wax all over Harley.

Siri Dat AssSiri really is the total package. Here is a pretty lady with big bouncy boobs, beautiful wide hips and an ass that just won’t quit. On top of that, Siri LOVES to put herself on display, she loves the attention and I certainly love giving it to her. What about all of you? Would Siri get all your undivided attention if she was standing naked infront of you? :P

Ashley Robbins VibrantBright red hair, vibrant tanlines and a very unique landing strip. Of course I’m talking about the infamous Ashley Robbins and some of her best work has been for Morey Studio, the same place that gave us Sabine and Natalie. Now I’m glad to see Ashley joining the list of legendary erotic models.

Jess Getting Busy VideoAs it turns out, watching Jaye Rose (aka Jess on Bopping Babes) dancing around and shaking her butt is a life changing experience. Good thing Jaye really loves to flaunt her body in any way possible, but it’s true she looks best on HD video.

Siri Fishnet NudesPeople have asked if the Siri Fishnet set has more pictures and the answer is yes! Siri may love to tease us, but she also loves to flaunt her body and she does exactly that in this two parter.

Emmy Sinclair Bedroom StripOh hell yes, I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw that Emmy Sinclair has returned! Many of you professed your love for her yoga set but what she wears to bed might be equally as sexy. A sheer sweater, tight booty shorts and high socks is an ensemble that I can drool over all day. Thank you again Emmy.

Siri Vibrant CurvesNow this is the Siri we’ve come to love and cherish, the vibrant side of her! While I do like Siri as a blonde, I thoroughly enjoy when she has bright red hair because it definitely seems like she acts more frisky that way. As you can see today, she is vibrant in hair color and clothing choice which happens to be the tightest booty shorts ever.

Hello Harley Rose Thick HipsRecently I discovered the vibrant solo model Hello Harley Rose, and she has grown on me in many ways. First thing you’ll notice about Harley is her seductive look like she is making love to the camera, then you quickly gaze down and see some pretty thick hips that look good enough to grab. Hell, I’m grabbing at my screen as I type this. LOL!

Lucy Vixen Rare Candid PicsIn my hunt for Lucy Vixen photos, I came across a rare set she did for CurvedFX, and needless to say, I love seeing her in a pool. Her personality really shines when she is getting a tan, getting wet and generally getting naked in a public place.

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