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Jaye Rose Bedroom AmateurBeing a suburban amateur isn’t just about wearing elaborate lingerie. It could also mean simply wearing bra and panties like Jaye Rose does today in bed, and those bra and panties come off pretty quickly. Say Jaye, your neighbors are truly lucky!

Jess Getting Busy VideoAs it turns out, watching Jaye Rose (aka Jess on Bopping Babes) dancing around and shaking her butt is a life changing experience. Good thing Jaye really loves to flaunt her body in any way possible, but it’s true she looks best on HD video.

Jaye Rose Sweater EroticaTis the season for sweaters and Jaye Rose puts on quite a show in a tan sweater and completely sheer panties for Spinchix. Now I know why they call the site Spinchix, the girls are so sexy, they will make your head spin!

Jaye Rose UpskirtI got word about a new website out there called Upskirt Jerk, and yes, it’s from the same people as Downblouse Jerk. They certainly caught my attention with Jaye Rose in a short skirt and tiny thong, showing off her perfect booty.

Jaye Rose Vanity CurvesWhat’s the first thing girls do at the vanity besides checking themselves out? Try on sexy clothes. In Jaye Rose’s case today she already has the sexy lingerie on, and checking herself out is putting naughty thoughts inside her head, and inside mine as well!

Jaye Rose Lipstick Curves ATKJaye Rose has been working hard lately and I think she deserves way more attention. I would say this ATK gallery fits pretty much half the worlds view of a perfect woman. Vibrant hair, pale skin, curves all over and loves to shake her booty for us. What more could you ask for?

Jaye Rose Office BeautyConsidering where Jaye Rose started, it’s sexy to see her playing a suburban amateur now. The kind of amateur who might be an ambitious temp at the office, and she thought her new office memo said “clothing optional”. :P

Jaye Rose Silky Striptease ATKNow here’s a silky striptease from a girl that has the porcelain smooth body, and I’m talking about Jaye Rose. If the color red runs through your head after seeing this set, you aren’t alone. Jaye is vibrant in general but today she puts extra emphasis into her curves and I love it.

Jaye Rose On SpinchixThere’s some new words that going to enter your vocabulary today: spinchix. So what exactly is spinchix? It’s a website featuring models like Jaye Rose with 360 degree angles of them naked. I’m not even kidding, photos and videos in 360 degrees. Fucking amazing.

Jaye Rose Black Dress ATKATK Galleria is just hitting home runs left and right, and this time it’s british star Jaye Rose in what might be her best gallery yet. If you thought watching a beautiful curvy woman play chess in nothing but a black dress is sexy, you would be right. Oh yea, Jaye forgot to wear her panties today.

Jaye Rose Redhead Lust SkinzteaseIf Skinztease does something right it’s getting rare models to go naked. While Jaye Rose has been a nude model for a long time, they capture her essence so well in this set. She’s the pale busty redhead displaying her tiny thong in heels, the kind of girl we like.

Jessica Dawson Hot Lady CosmidI don’t even know what to say about this, it’s everything I wanted infront of my screen. The beautiful redhead Jessica Dawson, her insanely round booty, and spreading her legs like she is waiting for us. Wow, this chick makes me sweat.

Jaye Rose Downblouse JerkSeeing Jaye Rose recap on Downblouse Jerk makes me appreciate how much she has done for us over the past 2 years. I mean hell, she started off as an erotic model and quickly moved to more hardcore material. Thank you Jaye!

Jaye Rose Extreme DownblouseThis new Downblouse Jerk site is giving me goosebumps, seriously. I thought Ellie Roe blew us away last week but Jaye Rose ups the ante with her purple sweater cleavage. I know you guys have been craving sweater cleavage too.

Jaye Rose Two New VideosIt’s another Wank It Now update and this time we have two brand new Jaye Rose videos. The first one is titled Cum Again and you guessed it, this is where Jaye cums with her favorite dildo. The second is The Waiting Game, which suggest to me that Jaye also likes to tease. I love a good tease!

Jaye Rose Erotic SideLately Jaye Rose has been exploring her erotic side which is a refreshing change of pace. Considering she started out as a schoolgirl and gained her popularity by blowing dildos, this is a nice other side of her. I love when models get into erotic art.

Jaye Rose Suburban AmateurWhile Raphaella Lily was our suburban amateur last week, we get a nice redhead treat today. Did you ever imagine you would see Jaye Rose in such a tight dress with garters and stockings? If this is a suburban amateur, I need to move to the suburbs!

Jaye Rose Double Video DayLast week we had a double video day for Raphaella Lily, and today it’s Jaye Rose’s turn. Her day starts off teaching a interesting sex ed class then she ends the day by playing a very horny nurse. Deja Vu? Nope, she just loves playing a nurse. :P

Jessica Rose Tight SqueezeI think I need to sit down for this one because holy shit. Jessica Rose is seriously one of my favorite models of all time and this is why, her penchant for wearing extremely tight clothes. This one just happens to be a skin tight mini dress.

Jaye Rose Dancing NudeWeird? Check. Naked dancing? Check. Who doesn’t love two Jessica Rose galleries in one day, plus this video caught my eye like none other. Now it may be hard to beat her blowjob video, but dancing for us comes in a close second.

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