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Archive for the ‘Chloe Vevrier’ Category

Chloe Vevrier Sweater BoobsLet’s not forget that the queen of cleavage is also the queen of sweater boobs. Chloe Vevrier does the sweater right but if I remember correctly, tailors often have to special make clothes for her huge boobs. I wouldn’t mind that job :P

Chloe Vevrier EagerlyRemember that BAM craze? That’s how I felt today with Chloe Vevrier in her extremely tiny leopard one piece. I thought I knew boobs popping out, but Chloe once again shows that there is always more. Those boobs look like they are literally begging and grabbing to get out.

Chloe Vevrier Flamenco FanI just had to post this because I love when curvy babes use fans, and I really love this black sheer top Chloe Vevrier is sporting. Her boobs look good in anything, but sheer always does it for me.

Chloe Vevrier AmadoraThe name alone is sensual, Amadora. Chloe Vevrier is a worldly woman and I love that she brings all cultures to us. Ranging from japanese to hollywood, she is all about putting on the outfits and playing the role.

Chloe Vevrier Classic JapanThere’s always a surprise with Chloe and Vevrier and today it’s a classic. If saying 1992 is a classic makes you feel old, join the club. On the other hand, I love to see where Chloe was because just like today she has always been obsessed with Japan.

Chloe Vevrier WorshipChloe Vevrier goes to the temple today to thank the gods for giving her the gift of boobs. Funny because I worship those boobs, and since Chloe Vevrier is a goddess I figure I’ll get on my knees. Oh thank you Chloe for those wonderful boobs!

Chloe Vevrier CarmenChloe Vevrier is like a spanish villa queen today, and this isn’t her first time. This is her best though, trust me because once you see those fingers slide in her pussy you’ll realize how special this gallery is.

Chloe Vevrier Purple BeckonChloe Vevrier beckon’s today, and she does it in purple. Her hands move all over the place and eventually end up in her two special spots. Between her boobs, and touching her bush. Chloe Vevrier is good at doing this erotic thing.

Chloe Vevrier UnderstudyIt looks like Chloe Vevrier has an understudy now! So is Chloe teaching this new babe to take over, or to be a naked friend? This isn’t the first time Chloe has posed with another babe, so I’m excited to see where this goes. Chloe is a great teacher.

Chloe Vevrier Red ClassicThis really brings me back to a time when babes were posing in neon colors on top of muscle cars. For some reason this Chloe Vevrier set reminded me of the 90′s. I’m usually posting classic sets from the 70′s and even the 80′s. Are the 90′s now classic? Depends on your age. :P

Chloe Vevrier VictorianI thought I’ve seen it all from Chloe Vevrier, boy was I wrong. You want niche? I think victorian era styled porn is about as niche as it gets. Leave it up to Chloe to not only fulfill our fantasies of the past, but the future as well.

Chloe Vevrier Santas HelperHo ho ho! Merry Christmas! Today I am posting 4 special christmas galleries and we are starting out with Chloe Vevrier. Her gift for us this year is those big bouncy boobs wrapped in a very red and sheer outfit. Aww thank you Chloe, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Chloe Vevrier Poppy DressI like this new look that Chloe Vevrier has, she is going very orange today. While the bright orange is different from her dark erotic stuff, I’d say sticking out is working for her!

Chloe Vevrier JaguarI’ve posted leopard print and cheetah print before but jaguar? Never. Of course Chloe Vevrier is the first one to start this trend, a trend I like I might add. Simply because her boobs are stuffed into a tight dress yet again.

Chloe Vevrier Classic DressAll this new content I post of Chloe Vevrier, what about her older stuff? I’m not talking when she started, I mean like 10 years ago when this dress set was taken. It’s nice to a take a step back and see how models have come along.

Chloe Vevrier AlohaAloha from Hawaii, Chloe Vevrier goes on vacation this year in a very tiny pink bikini on the beautiful beach with the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Wait am I trying to sell you guys on Chloe or the beach? Ah we all know a babe like Chloe sells herself with that amazing body ;)

Chloe Vevrier Goddess ShirtYou know what’s funny? Sometimes I read Chloe Vevrier’s diary more than I look at her pictures. Why? Because of galleries like this. Chloe Vevrier goes into great lengths to show us exactly how sheer her shirt is in the shower.

Chloe Vevrier Purple DressThis has to be THE sexiest dress I have ever posted, and yea no surprise that Chloe Vevrier is wearing it. What can I say? She’s a legend in not only dresses but pants, skirts and sheets? Yea sheets.

Chloe Vevrier Japanese BathChloe Vevrier really does have the best site, from her glam pics to her amateur pics. Today I stumbled across this diary entry where Chloe was in japan and decided to take a traditional bath. I would LOVE to drip water from a sponge onto those boobs.

Chloe Vevrier Bike RideShould watching a babe ride a bike entice me so much as to drool? Not just any babe, I am talking about Chloe Vevrier, riding her bike in the tightest dress ever. It also seems that she forgot her panties. Suddenly I want to go on a bike ride.

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