Vivian Blush Like A Nun

I know many people have opinions about Vivian Blush, but you know what? Variety is the spice of life. I really dig her new lingerie set for two reasons. First off, her smile really is intoxicating. Secondly, how could you not get excited about a curvy chick in lingerie?

Gain full access to the whole photo set and video of newcomer Vivian Blush

Vivian Blush Like A Nun 1 Vivian Blush Like A Nun 2
Vivian Blush Like A Nun 3 Vivian Blush Like A Nun 4
Vivian Blush Like A Nun 5 Vivian Blush Like A Nun 6

Like her? Vivian Blush is brand new but already shooting 4 new sets!

  • Helen Star Lucky Star ScorelandI would definitely count my lucky stars if I saw Helen Star closeup in a dress like this. Just look at her filling out everything. It’s a short dress and she’s busting out of it, but what caught my attention was her luscious long legs and sexy high heels. It looks even better when she’s naked.

  • Arianna Sinn Fine Curves XX-CelHere’s a face we haven’t seen in awhile: Arianna Sinn. I was actually on XX-Cel and noticed this gallery that I had never seen before, and instantly got tight pants. We got this voluptuous beauty in bed, wearing a mini skirt and she is freshly shaved. The rest is history my friend, sexy history.

  • AttractiveKelsie Big Boobs WebcamThere’s an elegance to some webcam models, and AttractiveKelsie is what I call a high class babe. Her lingerie photos are sexy but when you get her in private, you learn a lot about Kelsie and her body.

  • Audry Lanie Morgan Net Video GirlsA viewer told me that Lanie Morgan got her start on Net Video Girls as Audry. I gotta say, this is one of the best casting call videos I have seen, and I am saying that because I’m in love with this thick babe.