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Babydoll Thick Chocolate ModelI keep getting sucked back into Chocolate Models and I’m pretty sure it’s all the huge asses. These butts are so big, they have their own gravitational field and that’s actually a good thing. I would love to be pulled into Babydoll’s incredible bouncy butt, that thing looks like it could knock items off shelves.

Kari Novelli Casting ShowgirlA viewer tipped me off to a first timer on Showgirlz, and she is a stunner. Kari Novelli has an exotic name and body to go along with it, and I gotta say, I love when curvy chicks are all shiny after being rubbed down with oil.

Daryl Morgan Bikini BathI take it you guys are really digging Daryl Morgan, so I got a good one for you. I’m talking lots of cleavage, string bikini and soapy boobs. It doesn’t stop there, this gallery showcases Daryl’s incredible hips which are the kind you grab onto from behind for extra grip and I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Claire Sinclair Modern PinupI just realized I’ve never posted Claire Sinclair, and she is widely regarded as the sexiest modern playmate pinup, ranking up there with legends like Cynthia Myers. She even has that classic playboy look that made the magazine legendary. Perhaps Claire is here to bring all natural pinups back.

Viola Paige FingeringI get excited when I see the words “fingering” and “Viola Paige” in the same sentence, so seeing the pictures just made my pants turn from loose to tight in a matter of seconds. TMI? That’s ok because watching Viola bend over in positions I thought only existed in skinemax films makes up for that image I just gave you.

Stacey Poole Wet and WildStacey Poole’s latest Pinupfiles is short but to the point. The point is getting her incredibly huge boobs under that shower so we can watch the beads roll down her sweater puppies. In this case they happen to be bikini puppies.

Leanne Crow ExercisingDespite what some people think, Leanne Crow doesn’t just lay in bed with her boobs up to her face all day. Sure she may do that a lot, but she also likes to get some exercise and stay in shape. Honestly, I’m just here for the bouncing boobs part. :P

Carlotta Champagne Baby OilOk I know there’s stars in this gallery but it’s Carlotta Champagne in pigtails oiling herself up. You gotta admit that’s pretty fucking sexy, plus it’s a zipset so that means Carlotta really is spreading nude. Ok enough teasing, if you want an uncensored view of Carlotta, check out this gallery as well.

Hayley Marie Model UpskirtFor those who have been requesting upskirt pictures, I think I just found the perfect gallery. Let’s just say if you like seeing panties and ass upclose, Hayley Marie is here to answer that fantasy. Of course it’s Hayley, so she goes one step further and presents herself in nothing but stockings.

Lily Madison Frilly PantiesAs it turns out, Lily Madison’s stint on DDF Busty was a double whammy, this time with some really frilly panties. Wait a second, here we have Lily playing with herself then licking all her fingers, and I’m looking at panties? What can I say, frilly panties catch my eye.

Addison Blue Dress TeaseWhile it’s obvious that Addison is one of the best FTV Girls in recent years, one set will put her above the rest. To be able to tease in such an amazing dress is easy, but leaving us begging for more when she reveals it all at the same time is hard. That’s right, Addison’s cleavage and pussy are on display and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Bam Curvy Asian ReturnsI knew you guys would like Bam, she is that cute chubby asian girl that we needed to see. Today she is wearing nothing but overalls, showing that boobs barely being covered is fucking sexy! Don’t worry, she still gets completely naked in bed and looks good enough to nibble on.

Thick Jeepers Girl CosplayLittle did I know I would wake up today and see scooby doo cosplay, and like it! Here we are looking at the jeepers girl get lost in the woods, so she figures letting her boobs pop out of that insanely tight top is a good idea, and it is! I don’t think ghosts haunt chicks with their boobs out.

Mia Malkova Apple BootyAs it turns out, you guys really liked Lexi and her yoga bubble butt, so let’s go to a familiar blonde with a butt so round, it will make you fall to the ground! Ok lame rhyme but there’s nothing lame about Mia Malkova’s incredible booty. It looks like a perfectly round apple!

Ellie Roe Shake That BootyOh hell yea, now this is the video I wanted to see. Ellie Roe bending over shaking that ass and then shaking those bouncy boobs. She is very good at shaking things, but other times she is VERY good at rubbing herself.

Carolina SexMex ReduxWhile I’ve featured Carolina from SexMex before, I’m calling this one a redux because I’m including some rare new pictures of Carolina. All I gotta say is mexican boobs are definitely contenders in the international boobie battle.

Busty Buffy Tight OrgasmThere’s two of my favorite things in this gallery, pink tights and Busty Buffy coming to orgasm with her hitachi. I’ve been enjoying her “O” faces and I can tell that the infamous wand is her favorite toy.

Charlotte Springer Soapy BoobsI kinda have this things about girls getting wet and soapy in their underwear, and Charlotte Springer does it real well today. People tell me she’s just another glam model, but this set proves otherwise as Charlotte has some real fun with the suds on her boobs.

Chikita Bright Blue EyesWow, the first thoughts that popped into my head when I saw Chikita was “her eyes are incredibly blue!”. Atmosphere can make the most simple things pop out, and while Chikita’s nude body is on display, I think it’s her vibrant eyes that really caught my attention today.

Ella C Peachy GoodnessSome erotic sets have a pink/peach tone to them, and I see Ella C is now part of that trend. I’m not gonna lie, I went straight for the picture of her bending over without any panties and proceeded to drool on my shirt. Needless to say I found out that erotic models bending over makes more than one person wet. Hahaha!

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