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Busty Buffy LeggingsI’ve made the conscious decision that Busty Buffy looks best in tight leggings. Today’s latest set has a dark sensual vibe to it, and Buffy plays the stacked vixen who slowly slides down her tights to reveal one of the best butts. Oh yea, did I mention she puts her boobs up to her face, a lot?

Jessica Miss Rabbit Blue SheerIf there’s one exotic model that I’ve missed, it’s Jessica Miss Rabbit. She has the perfect combination of curves starting with those bouncy boobs wrapped in a tight blue top, and a beautiful round booty in a tiny lace thong. We call that perfection.

Amanda Sagaz ReturnsI had a feeling that Amanda Sagaz would be a big hit, and I’m guessing it’s because of her bubble butt. Although I will say Amanda is quite the looker and has that light skinned brazilian look which is fucking sexy! Now if you’ll excuse, there is a tanlined brazilian booty that needs attention.

Magda Pigtails and LeggingsIf you thought Magda from DDF Busty was hot before, wait until you see her in pigtails and leggings, which is actually a great combo by the way. She wastes no time sliding off those leggings which also made me realize that Magda has some nice long legs. Yum.

Sabine Jemeljanova SexySabine Jemeljanova has been gaining a lot of traction lately as one of the best topless latvian models. Now we’ve seen our fair share of eastern bloc beauties, but Sabine is one of the most versatile models at the moment, so let’s give her some attention.

Cassandra Summer WearBefore summer ends, Cassandra wants to frolic in the meadow wearing her little skirt and lace panties. Of course we all know Cassandra by now, those clothes are only there to tease for a bit then she unleashes those bouncy puppies and the real fun starts. I’m gonna miss summer.

Jezabel Vessir Exotic NewcomerATK Galleria has been hitting home runs with exotic girls lately, which is why I’m very excited to introduce Jezabel Vessir. She has this intoxicating smile to go along with a pair of big hangers and an ass that just won’t quit. I’m in love already!

Ally from Silent Views ReturnsOne of those one hit wonders that I’ve been obsessed with for awhile is Ally from Silent Views. I posted her back in December 2013 and it seemed like she disappeared after that, until today. This is one of those short but sweet galleries where a few pictures can leave you absolutely satisfied, and yes, I plan on seeking out more of her.

Jodie Piper Sheer One PieceIf I had to choose one model who pulls off the sheer one piece, it would be Jodie Piper. Now while I mean quite literally pulling off her clothes, I also like to sit back and enjoy the art that is sheer nudity. Is she truely clothed if everything can be seen? We must answer these tough questions. :P

Lilith DDF Busty NewcomerI won’t lie, it took me a few days to really open up to newcomer Lilith from DDF Busty, but I will admit she has quite the impressive pair of perky boobs. It also helps she is getting frisky in the DDF bath tub which has seen a lot of famous boobs and ass over the years, now Lilith can claim that on her resume. ;)

Cassidy Ellis Nude On ZishyCassidy Ellis is one of those girls that loves walking around the house naked, and I’m glad she did today. Seeing this girl in the flesh is giving me goosebumps and I didn’t even get past the first picture. Also, can I nominate that picture of her standing naked in the hallway for best artistic photo of our time? It really is.

Tifffany Cappotelli Going StrongTiffany Cappotelli is still very much active and still wearing very skimpy outfits. I noticed her sheer panties say “bride” on them which is obviously a joke, but I will say this, Tiffany is total wifey material. Hell with tits and ass like that, I would get on my knees daily and thank her! Hahaha.

Skylar Ass You Cant ResistI’ve actually had a few ladies who read this site e-mail me and say they love when their man plays grab ass because they are wearing something skimpy. So I thought this amateur gallery of Skylar was pretty fitting and I know you ladies can appreciate a shapely girl who is just as horny as her man.

Phoebe Queen Cute NewcomerThe latest crop of erotic natural models might be on the skinny side, but they still pack a big punch. Phoebe Queen is a fun loving latina with D cup boobs and a great smile to boot, and one thing I noticed about her is how naturally inviting she looks. That round booty is pretty inviting as well. ;)

Zenda Busty Nerdy AmateurUsually when we see girls in glasses, it’s the exagerrated nerd look. This isn’t the case with Zenda from 18andbusty, she is a true busty amateur who actually wears glasses on a daily basis. It’s good to see her wild side come out because her body is bangin’! Also if you want more cute glasses girl, check out Gina G.

Tessa Fowler Nude ShowerIf it seems like I’ve been posting Tessa Fowler a lot recently, it’s because she keeps doing these amazing things! Ever since Tessa came onto the scene, I’ve always wished to see her naked in the shower and today that dream comes true. So please, everyone take a good hard look at this gallery, it will be your favorite.

Karla James Steamy ShowerToday is all about our favorite models taking steamy showers, and it’s Karla Browns turn. Out of all her work, this has to be the most erotic and yes, I am saying that because there is water dripping down her boobs and she is wearing some very sheer booty shorts.

Chelsea Jones Max CleavageI posted Chelsea Jones years ago with great response, but some british models seem to come and go, that is until today. I ran across this cleavage clad gallery of Chelsea and realized how mezmerizing this chick really is. She doesn’t even get topless here, yet for some reason I’m ok with that. It helps she has gotten topless before.

Jessica Rose Skipping ClassJessica Rose doesn’t follow the rules and skips class quite often, today just happens to be the day she is feeling extra frisky. You can tell by her short skirt and ripped stockings that she means business, or pleasure if we’re arguing semantics. ;)

Leanna Decker Strip In The SunOh Leanna Decker, you always bring a smile to my face. Considering it’s been the warmest month on record, it’s no surprise that some chicks are still in their bikinis. In Leanna’s case, it’s more her birthday suit than bikini.

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