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Archive for the ‘Valory Irene’ Category

Valory Irene POV VideosToday is a Valory Irene kind of day because why not? She’s sexy! I’ve gotten a lot of interest in Valory’s POV videos like this oiled bikini one today, but make sure to check out her tit job POV video because it’s out of this world. I would love to be that guy right about now. :P

Vallory Nude Shower SetYes Vallory is that busty girl in the backyard hosing herself down because it’s so damn hot! As you can see, Vallory is having a blast and takes things one step further when she pulls down her panties and gets wet all over. I love how thick her body is looking, and watching water drip down it.

Vallory Strip Pool GameIt’s time to play a game of pool with Vallory (aka Valory Irene) and this isn’t a normal billiards game, this is strip pool! Every time Vallory misses a shot, an article of clothing comes off and by the way this game is going, she’s given up on playing and decides to just play with her boobs. Good idea.

Vallory Busty Workout CosmidI’m breaking a sweat just watching Vallory work out today, and it’s because of those yoga pants. I fucking love tights on curvy women, and Vallory was built for either really tight clothes or no clothes at all. Luckily for us today, we get both options!

Valory Irene Big Tits SchoolValory Irene enrolled in the big tit school and by the looks of it, she’s on course to get an easy A! Now, considering she’s going to school with the likes of Lana Ivans and Eden Mor, she definitely has a lot of competition but I still vote Valory as the valedictorian.

Valory Irene Pinup SecretaryYou know what we don’t see any more? Pinup styled secretaries. Luckily for humanity, we have Valory Irene and that’s the theme of her latest gallery: the classic pinup styled secretary who answers phones in the nude. I see some things never change, the love for curves.

Valory Irene Changing BrasFirst it was Tessa Tuesday on Cosmid, and now we get more Valory Irene, so let’s dedicate a day to her as well. To celebrate her return, Valory decides to get changed in front of us and show off all her bra and panties very slowly. Valory, you are the best.

Valory Irene Vacation VideosVacation time with Valory Irene just isn’t the same without video, which is why I am going to post Valory in motion today. Whether it’s soaking up the rays on a boat, wearing unique beaded panties, or getting dressed for us, Valory always knows how to please with her perfect curves.

Valory Irene Cosmid DebutYears of dedication and amazing models has made Cosmid one of the top websites out there. Now it’s official because Valory Irene makes her debut on Cosmid, and she does not hold back at all. I always loved Valory in a more candid setting and imagining her as the girl next door just got more exciting today.

Valory Irene Florida VacationGet ready for the best summer trip on your life because you are about to spend it with Valory Irene. She makes her way to Miami for some sun and fun by wearing her favorite vacation clothes: a sheer top and crotchless thong. That’s the style in Miami, hell, even nudity is the style in certain places!

Valory Irene Groping FantasyWe’ve all had fantasies about groping Valory Irene, today our dream comes half true with this POV groping set. She looks pretty excited to have her boobs worshipped which is great because I am thinking about putting up a shrine to Valory’s perfect mammories! Hahaha!

Valory Irene Changing For UsThis is the second time we’ve seen Valory Irene changing and it gets better every time. Today Valory has bought a ton of new lingerie and sexy costumes, all of which she will display for us. I gotta say, I almost forgot how amazing Valory is, and now I remember why she is still in the top model list.

Valory Irene Tropical TitsI thought I’ve seen it all, but then Valory Irene comes along with her unique ripped top and beaded thong. That’s right, Valory has beads pressing against her pussy, giving her an orgasm and causing her to rip her clothes off. I love those panties!

Valory Irene Mamory MassageWhere do I even begin with this? It’s a bunch of incredibly busty legends (I see Eden Mor and Michelle Monaghan!) ripping off Valory Irene’s top then rubbing baby oil all over her body. You can say I would love to be the meat in this boob sandwich.

Valory Irene and Friends SunbathingYou know those scenes in movies where there’s a group of hot girls sunbathing naked? This is that today but much better because it involes one of the best trios I’ve seen on Scoreland: Valory Irene, Sha Rizel, and Hitomi Tanaka.

Valory Irene Barber VideoValory Irene, the hairdresser with hooters. It’s pretty much every guys fantasy to get a busty babe with a low cut top to service us, and today Valory answers that fantasy. Now show of hands, who wants to be next in line?

Valory Irene Pool BoobsOk I’ve seen my fair share of pool boobs, infact we have seen Valory Irene in the pool before. But this set blows them out of the water (no pun intended), this is how I expect huge pool boobs underwater to look like. Thank you Valory!

Valory Irene TasslesIt’s not often we get to see babes posing by castles, then again it’s rare we see tassles too. That’s why we have Valory Irene around, to answer all our kinky fantasies or perhaps historical fantasies. Either way she looks good peeling those tassles off. ;)

Valory Irene Bad KittyDon’t get me wrong, I love when Valory Irene is on top but I also like when she is on all fours. Her kinky streak is only getting better and today we get a bad kitty babe. Wouldn’t you love to pull her by the hair? ;)

Valory Irene KinkyNow this is the type of set that will make you think about it for weeks. Valory Irene has been kinky before but never in such an elaborate and tiny outfit before. Plus who doesn’t like pasties from time to time?

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