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Archive for the ‘Terri Jane’ Category

Terri Jane Schools OutSchool’s out and Terri Jani can’t wait to rip off her schoolgirl uniform. This is how every schoolgirl acts before summer break right? I can see Terri just wants to relax naked in her room and I’m glad we are here to join her.

Terri Jane High Heel LoverTerri Jane definitely has a thing for heels, and so do I. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a cute busty girl stripping out of her clothes then just stand there naked in heels? That’s exactly what Terri does today and she proves she’s the best at naked high heeling.

Terri Jane Short SkirtI knew as soon as I saw Terri Jane in those high heels and short skirt, it would be a good time. Infact anytime we see Terri Jane in a short skirt is really a good time. I just love how much passion she puts into her strip show.

Terri Jane Christmas SurpriseIt’s a christmas surprise because Terri Jane is now on Pinupfiles. Draped in red, rubbed with oil and she has a huge smile on her face as those boobs slide out of her hands. Have I mentioned how much I love oiled boobs? :P

Terri Jane Sweater DressMmm I love when Terri Jane jumps into bed with a comfy looking outfit, today it happens to be a very tight sweater dress. Can you guys still believe how big Terri’s boobs are? I realize they are bigger than my head and just start drooling.

Terri Jane ColorfulI named this set colorful for obvious reasons, but let’s face it. Terri Jane is colorful in her own right, I mean she does pretty much have the largest boobs in the world. That counts for something.

Terri Jane RobeThere is nothing better than a busty babe slipping out of a sexy robe. Let’s also keep in mind we have seen Terri Jane slip in the bath and have a fun time with herself.

Terri Jane SweatsI like the casual sweatpants look, it’s cute and sexy at the same time. I’m glad to see that Terri Jane is having a lot of fun taking off her sweats today, girls having fun naked are great.

Terri Jane Sheer Black DressThis is like the holy grail of all Terri Jane dress galleries. We have seen her in A LOT of different types of short skirts, short dresses, mini skirts and everything in between. Never in a full length sheer black dress, the kind true vixens wear.

Terri Jane Cute DressI am picking all the awesome dress galleries from Terri Jane’s website lately, hope you guys don’t mind. Today this dress caught my eye because of how short it is, something Terri does very well.

Terri Jane Long ShirtAh the long shirt, a bit different from the short dress. Terri Jane does both well, but her thing is still the girl next door look but you know she is that REALLY fucking curvy girl next door.

Terri Jane Mini SkirtThis is exactly what I was looking for, Terri Jane in a mini skirt. There’s one thing to see a busty babe in a skirt, but a mini skirt is a different story. Hiking it just an inch can reveal that tight butt and pussy. Which is exactly what Terri Jane does ;)

Terri Jane StairsI feel like we’ve seen Terri Jane go from shy teen to confident nude babe, and I like it. I liked her in the shower last week and I like it even more when she is slowly putting on some sexy stockings for us. Only to take it off again.

Terri Jane Just A TowelWith all the sexy outfits Terri Jane has donned over the years, a towel is something I wanted to see. Shower sets are partially why I started this site, so it’s fitting that I’m drooling like crazy when Terri hops in the shower.

Terri Jane Sheer PantiesYou know what I like seeing? Terri Jane’s shaved pussy through her sheer panties. It’s something we have never seen before until today. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved when Terri was spreading her legs on the couch. There is just something about sheer though.

Terri Jane GardenGardens are good for veggies but what about boobs? Hell yes, Terri Jane shows us that in a garden is where she feels most comfortable. She also doesn’t mind that her neighbors get a good view of her massive pumpkins :P

Terri Jane Teddy BedroomYou liked Terri Jane last week, she looked awesome in fishnets. So today I am going to post Terri’s bedroom fantasy which basically means she is getting back at her parents by stripping, and looking damn cute. I am all for that!

Terri Jane Nude Couch VideoHope you guys missed Terri Jane because I found this awesome video of her doing her thing. By doing her thing I mean getting all oiled up on the couch without any clothes. I love when she does her thing.

Terri Jane Naked HugsI just want a naked hug from Terri Jane one of these days. I will go from six to midnight in a matter of seconds and I can only hope that Terri is very flattered by stuff like that lol :D

Terri Jane Afterschool SpecialEither that laptop is really small or Terri Jane’s boobs really are HUGE. This is what I call an afterschool special for damn sure, I wouldn’t mind tutoring Terri in some sex ed lessons.

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