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Archive for the ‘Rosie Jaye’ Category

Rosie Jaye Love BoobsIs it love at first sight or lust? Only you can be the judge of that but Rosie Jaye certainly looks like the girl of my dreams. A redhead with the most amazing boobs, round ass and hips. It just might be love!

Rosie Jaye The Smallest SkirtRosie Jaye called up the skirt factory and asked for the smallest one in the world, this is the result. LOL, ok that story is made up but I can definitely see Rosie picking out that skirt for a nice photoshoot ;)

Rosie Jaye Rainbow BikiniI found the end of the rainbow and it has Rosie Jaye! Imagine coming across a pot of gold or Rosie Jaye, which one would you choose? I’ll just say that Rosie definitely looks like she would be quite the fun girl to be with ;)

Rosie Jaye Naked In The KitchenLet me just say after seeing this Rosie Jaye set I would love to bend her over that counter and have my way with her. She is easily my favorite busty redhead model now and such a cutie too.

Rosie Jaye Dress VideoCan you blame me for posting Rosie Jaye so much this week? God does that tight dress look good on her, my thought it to rip it off and have my way with her. I know I’m not alone with that thought.

Rosie Jaye Wake UpWaking up next to Rosie Jaye would leave me a very happy man and give a new meaning to morning wood. Sure I might have a 4 hour erection even AFTER having my way with her, but totally worth it.

Rosie Jaye Nude VideoIt’s safe to say Rosie Jaye has a big following so I know you guys will finally enjoy seeing her in action. Sexy short skirt action.

Rosie Jaye New WebsiteI woke up today to a great e-mail, it said Jaye Rose has her own website under the name of Rosie Jaye. Yea I hate name changes but I really love her body so it’s a trade off. I’m just glad we get to see more naked redheads in the big boob world.

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