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Archive for the ‘Maritza Mendez’ Category

Maritza Mendez MaidMany times I’ve dreamed of having Maritza Mendez as a maid, and that fantasy partially comes true today. While I’m really fucking jealous of that dude enjoying Martiza, I also know I really enjoy seeing her in a tiny maids outfit, bending over and revealing that she indeed forgot to wear panties.

Maritza Mendez Sunlit BootyWhenever I see Maritza Mendez bend over, I get goosebumps. Are you guys the same way? There is just something about the sun shining on this curvy latina beauties ass while she gives her man the best time of his life. Yep, I’m officially jealous.

Maritza Mendez Tiny Blue BikiniI was browsing around today and stumbled upon some more pictures of Maritza Mendez in her tiny blue bikini. Of course I had to post them, this is one of the most legendary models of all time, bending over with her bikini bottoms pulled down.

Maritza Mendez Bend Over BlowjobWe all fantasize about that curvy goddess bending over and giving us the worlds best blowjob. While this Maritza Mendez set may not be POV, it’s certainly nice to get a view from behind while she is doing her thing. Her thing happens to making my pants tight. :P

Maritza Mendez Brown DressThe latest Maritza Mendez set is not only sexy but extremely steamy. She puts on her brown dress and does a dance for her boyfriend and then, well… it turns out that Maritza loves it on her face.

Maritza Mendez Porcelain GoddessOne of my favorite Maritza Mendez sets is the porcelain goddess set and I found never before seen pictures. Can you tell I’m obsessed with Maritza? I just get happy seeing her all wet or oiled up.

Maritza Mendez Black One PieceWhenever Maritza Mendez puts on a tiny one piece, she always grabs my attention. Today she outdoes herself again with this incredibly sexy and almost non existant black lacy one piece, and the last picture makes me so jealous!

Maritza Mendez Tired BossMaritza Mendez is a take charge kind of woman, and with curves like that I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t know where to start but let me tell you, if Martiza Mendez was my boss she wouldn’t be this tired during the day. ;)

Maritza Mendez Sexy WitchI may be a few days late with this one but is it really ever late to see Maritza Mendez in a sexy witch costume? This is actually one of her more normal costumes too as one time she played a bad mommy. A sexy one at that too.

Maritza Mendez Dildo LessonHonestly when I woke up today I didn’t think I would be seeing Maritza Mendez give a dildo lesson. Then again Maritza has taught Bibiana a thing or two, so I’m glad Maritza is showing us her moves.

Maritza Mendez Hot AssIf you aren’t already a fan of Martiza Mendez, this gallery will make you one. She has an ass that doesn’t quit and will make you wonder just how round can it be. This booty is even making me ramble!

Maritza Mendez Hot MomTrust me, I wish when I was a teenager I had a friend with a hot mom like Maritza Mendez. It’s ok though because today she gives us what we all want, that hot mom treatment and this isn’t her first time.

Maritza Mendez LadylikeThis Maritza Mendez gallery begs me to question, can a model be naked and ladylike? She sure can, infact even though Maritza forgot to wear panties under her skirt, she’s a still a classy lady.

Maritza Mendez HotelI didn’t intend to post classic galleries today, but it turned out this way. Take a look at Maritza Mendez in that hotel and realize those pics were taken 9 years ago. I know you are thinking, “9 years? What about new pics?” Oh I got new pics. Let’s think about this, Maritza has been working hard for us for 9 years now!

Maritza Mendez BellydancingOh man if you thought this was just Martiza Mendez bellydancing, think again. This is Maritza bellydancing, then letting some guys have their way with her. Am I jealous? Fuck yea I am, I love when Maritza does hardcore but I hate that I’m not involved! :P

Maritza Mendez MomIf you ever wanted to see Maritza Mendez pushing a stroller in a tight dress, then today is your lucky day. I must admit, watching her walk back and forth in heels is quite mesmerizing.

Maritza Mendez Sexy BikiniThis is an older Maritza Mendez gallery but one of my favorites, we don’t see her enough wearing sexy bikinis. I’m still not sure how her boobs manage to stay in that small top either, it’s magic!

Maritza Mendez Sexy BikiniThis is an older Maritza Mendez gallery but one of my favorites, we don’t see her enough wearing sexy bikinis. I’m still not sure how her boobs manage to stay in that small top either, it’s magic!

Maritza Mendez Xmas BoobsMaritza Mendez wishes us a happy holidays by dressing up like a sexy latin santa. No beard though, just plenty of big boobs and curves to go around. I’ve been a good boy this year Maritza, I swear!

Maritza Mendez Red DressThis Maritza Mendez set is a bit old but I never posted it before, so this is for you guys who haven’t seen it. Maritza really needs to wear more skin tight dresses, she is making me drool here.

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