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Archive for the ‘Leanne Crow’ Category

Leanne Crow Red LoungeIs it me or have we been seeing a lot of red galleries lately? It’s a good thing because red is the color of seduction and Leanne Crow shows us what real curves are in her barely there thong. I would say more but seriously, I’m speechless and Leanne is incredible.

Leanne Crow Tough In LeatherEver since we’ve seen Leanne Crow in her leather bikini, I welcome these tough and sexy chicks. A busty beauty who can take charge is just plain sexy, and today Leanne shows us that it’s her boobs that take charge and cause people to do silly things. Like I just fell out of my chair! :P P

Leanne Crow Tiny Bikini BTSAfter last weeks trampoline set, I’m fully convinced that Leanne Crow has the most fun doing BTS stuff. There is something about taking selfies, jumping around in the worlds smallest bikini and having her boobs pop out that just make Leanne the best damn girl in the world.

Leanne Crow Trampoline PlayFinally, we get the picture set we deserve. I’m talking about Leanne Crow bouncing around on a trampoline in a tight top and cotton panties. I’ve been dreaming about this forever because I love watching busty models bounce around, and you can tell Leanne is having the time of her life.

Leanne Crow Tough and SexyDoes it get any better than watching Leanne Crow unzip her bikini and have her huge boobs bounce out? I can dig a tough and sexy chick because it means Leanne can kick ass, take names, and look good doing it. Plus who wouldn’t want Leanne to get kind of rough with them? ;)

Leanne Crow White Lace StaircaseBetween her moroccan lingerie set and this lace staircase set, I am really digging Leanne Crow in lace lingerie. Not just any lingerie though, a thong so small that her curves swallow it up and make it seem like she’s even more thick. How is that possible? Just ask Leanne!

Leanne Crow Super Sexy SwimsuitSince Leanne Crow is in Los Angeles, you can bet we’re going to get swimsuit sets in the middle of October. I’m glad because it’s chilly here and I’m craving a tight one piece on a thick body just like Leanne, and her smile is really resonating now with those boobs coming out to play!

Leanne Crow Topless Diary DayYea summer is over which means one last romp in the pool for Leanne Crow before she goes inside and texts everyone about how well the shoot went. Did I mention that she’s topless during all of this? I love diary days.

Leanne Crow Tough and SexyI’m excited for Leanne Crow’s updates this week because she came out with a new set called tough and sexy. I like when Leanne plays a bit tough, especially when it means wearing a leather one piece bikini which quickly turns sexy fast as she unzips it.

Leanne Crows Boobs Can FloatDid you know that Leanne Crow’s boobs float? Yea, come check her out in the pool because she tests this theory today. The one thing I noticed is that Leanne is showing off her ass a lot lately and I’m glad because this one piece thong makes her curves really pop. Say Leanne, can I float with you?

Leanne Crow Wardrobe TestingGuys, admit it. You’ve watched your girl try on many clothes, some looking tight, others looking revealing. We all love a good wardrobe change, and Leanne Crow makes sure to show us the best tops that don’t really fit, but are tight enough to cause me to drool.

Leanne Crow Extreme CurvesWhile it’s true that extreme curves come in many shapes and sizes, I’d say Leanne Crow is the archetype for a true curvy woman. Today she lays out by the pool wearing her purple butt floss, basically giving us a full view of her curves and making me drool all over myself. How about you?

Leanne Crow Topless Gamer GirlSo you know that chick who says she’s a gamer and actually is good? Yea, that’s Leanne Crow and she’s also the topless gamer girl who jumps up and down when she gets a kill shot. Say Leanne, would you like to play some dance game dressed like that? ;)

Leanne Crow Sexy Diary DayIt’s been awhile since we’ve had a Leanne Crow diary day, so I hand picked some of the best selfies she has taken recently. The first thing that popped out to me was Leanne’s huge boobs when her arm are up, and then I see she is trying on different tiny outfits and it’s obvious her curves are way thick in this one.

Leanne Crow Take Off That BikiniI’m guessing it was too hot in the kitchen, so Leanne Crow decides to do some swimming in her see thru black one piece. I know what Leanne is going to do next, slowly unbutton the top until her huge boobs come out to play. I think she buys bikinis one size too small for this very reason.

Leanne Crow Stovetop BabeThe phrase “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”, definitely applies here today with Leanne Crow in the kitchen. She’s a stovetop babe in lace lingerie, so naturally clothes are gonna fly off and her boobs are gonna bounce out like none other.

Leanne Crow Tiniest BikiniI feel like I’ve given this award to Leanne Crow already, but two years in a row she wins the smallest bikini award. It’s simple really, a curvy chick like her puts on some floss and suddenly we’re looking at a nearly naked girl with thick curves that definitely turns heads and tightens pants.

Leanne Crow Pool FloatiesSuddenly I want to go in the pool because Leanne Crow looks damn good in her black one piece bikini, just lounging around in a donut floatie. See this is why Leanne is awesome, she’s not only thick as all hell, but she’s really fun too! Fun enough to hang out and admire her boobs, right Leanne? :P

Leanne Crow Sweet Moroccan CurvesLet’s travel to Morocco to enjoy Leanne Crow in her latest set which is the epitome of curves. Just look at her panties, those a normal size panties yet Leanne Crow is so curvy, she swallows them up! I love it, and I love it even more when Leanne crow doesn’t wear panties at all.

Leanne Crow Wardrobe ChangingI know what you want to see, Leanne Crow changing her wardrobe so you can watch her huge boobs bounce out. I love the first outfit she has one because it fits perfectly on her boobs, in fact it looks like the type of dress Leanne would wear on a very interesting date.

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