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Leanne Crow Moody PurpleOne of my favorite colors (purple) is worn by one of my favorite models (Leanne Crow) today. What more could you possibly ask for? Oh, how about some wonderful pictures of Leanne’s round butt and she really enjoys putting it on display lately. I really enjoy staring at it!

Leanne Crow New VideosGood news, today is new Leanne Crow videos day! We start off by watching Leanne swinging her boobs on the beach, and the next video involves Leanne cleaning while topless, and last but not least is the infamous kitchen babe video she did in the hotel. Have you noticed Leanne sways her boobs a lot?

Leanne Crow Solid Gold BikiniHoly shit, I thought Leanne Crow was naked for a second, then I realized she is wearing the worlds smallest bikiniagain! I would say more but honestly, I’m floating from this moment of pure curvy bliss and Leanne is the girl I want to run into on the beach one day.

Leanne Crow and Tessa FowlerTwo of the hottest models have joined forces today, comparing boobs and playing around with each other. I’m talking about Leanne Crow and Tessa Fowler, both beautiful in their own right, look ten times better posing together. This is why I love BTS.

Leanne Crow Silver BellsCall me crazy but sometimes I like simple, and Leanne Crow simply looks amazing in her bra and panties. It also helps that Leanne has been putting her wonderfully round butt on display which is doing the whole world a service. Thank you Leanne!

Leanne Crow Christmas PinupMerry Christmas everyone, and happy holidays from Leanne Crow. Her latest diary set shows just how excited she is to wake up in the morning, unwrap her presents and then have fun with them naked. I see that her present for us, is those bouncy boobs and I could play with them for days!

Leanne Crow Christmas SpiritLeanne Crow has got the christmas spirit and she goes all out with her pinup holiday set. Surely we all want a buxom vixen under our tree this year wearing sexy lingerie causing her boobs to pop out. This is the only gift I could ask for.

Leanne Crow Red DevilIf you believe the art of tease doesn’t work, take a good hard look at Leanne Crow’s latest set, red devil. She will make the devil on your shoulder appear and scream “Look at this curvy chick in the form fitting one piece, this is fucking sexy”.

Leanne Crow Naughty MaidLeanne Crow is very busy this Halloween with many different outfits, but she decided on the maid costume for this year. All I can say is WOW, I would pay tons of money to have a maid like this clean my house once a week. Cleaning is not necessary, nor the outfit really. :P

Leanne Crow Halloween SpecialNot every girl has to dress up in a costume for halloween, a skin tight dress works just fine. Seeing Leanne Crow slowly slide down her striped strapless dress, to reveal her huge ass in a tiny thong, is making me thank some higher power for this curvy lady standing infront of us. :P

Leanne Crow Baby Oil FunWe’ve seen quite a few busty babes holding things between their boobs, but never baby oil. I’ve always enjoyed Leanne Crow’s work on XX-Cel because it was the first time she bared all on camera, and everything is better with oil.

Leanne Crow Maid CostumeI could say something witty about Leanne Crow being my maid, but honestly, I just like seeing her in costumes. It’s true, she would make a damn good maid and never have to actually clean anything because she makes that fantasy so fucking real. Sorry if I sound crazy, Leanne does that to me.

Leanne Crow ExercisingDespite what some people think, Leanne Crow doesn’t just lay in bed with her boobs up to her face all day. Sure she may do that a lot, but she also likes to get some exercise and stay in shape. Honestly, I’m just here for the bouncing boobs part. :P

Leanne Crow Boobs To Her FaceThere’s a litmus test with nude models where if they can get their boobs up to their face, they have some pretty big boobs! It’s obvious today that Leanne Crow passes that test with flying colors. I mean just look at her, those boobs are bigger than her head!

Leanne Crow Backwards BraNow here’s something I’ve never seen before, wearing the bra backwards. This leads me to believe that Leanne Crow is playing with her boobs constantly, just messing around and having a good time. I like that, and I also like how Leanne and her boobs are wrapped up in the curtain.

Leanne Crow Sexy Action GirlDid you guys know Leanne Crow was an Action Girl? I learn something new every day, and this tidbit is part of the sexy version of history. The kind where busty girls are playing with weapons and they are wearing nothing but ripped fishnet.

Leanne Crow Jumping In BedStill get giddy when I see girls jumping around in bed, especially when it’s girls like Leanne Crow. Her boobs were made for bouncing, swaying, jumping, whatever activity involves them moving. Leanne knows this of course, so she turns up the maximum bedroom fun factor.

Leanne Crow Black Dress Diary PicsBy the looks of Leanne Crow’s diary pictures, she has tons of outfits that she likes to try on. Todays outfit is the skin tight black dress with her boobs falling out, because I honestly think her boobs cannot stay in certain tops. Now that is a large pair of boobs I want in my face. :P

Leanne Crow Formal Wear BTSCan bra and panties really be considered formal wear? Of course it can, it’s Leanne freakin’ Crow. She can wear pretty much nothing and I would call it whatever she wants me to call it, because she has me mesmerized.

Leanne Crow New Diary PicsThese new diary pictures from Leanne Crow are easily some of the best yet. We’re talking major ass and boobs with very little clothing, which is something she has been into a lot lately. Thank you for wearing extremely tiny panties for us Leanne. :D

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