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Ashley FTV Casual AttireFTV Girls is really hitting it out of the park this year with Ellie and Lindsey. So, in order to complete that busty teen trifecta, we are introduced to Ashley, a fun loving girl next door who has some experience posing already. All I know is seeing Ashley ride a glass window dildo is very fucking exciting.

Lindsey FTV Poolside BeautyTA viewer told me today that “Just because summer ends in one part of the world, doesn’t mean it ends in the other part”, and they are right! So while it may be cooling down here, it never cools down when we get to see Lindsey by the pool, playing with herself until she comes to a very intense orgasm.

Lindsey from FTV Sexy VideosThat’s right, there’s now video of Lindsey from FTV Girls and it’s pretty exciting news. I absolutey loved her roadside debut, but what I love more is seeing Lindsey play with herself in public like it’s her last!

Lindsey Penetrate Me for FTV GirlsAs Lindsey from FTV Girls was outside flashing her boobs and ass, she got a great idea: she wants to be penetrated. Seriously, just when I thought this busty beauty couldn’t possible outdo herself, she actually does herself with a dildo until she comes to orgasm. This girl is perfect.

Natlie Austin Returns as FTV LindseyAs I was drooling over FTV Girls newcomer Lindsey today, I realized something, this is Natlie Austin! That’s right, this cute thick wonder is ready to get fully naked and play the roadside flasher, bending over in a short skirt to give us the most perfect view in the world.

Latest Busty FTV Girls VideosRecently FTV Girls has been all about the busty ladies, so I figured it’s a good time to feature their videos. In mid-april, we saw Addison’s return with a new hair color and more public nudity. We then quickly learned about exotic cutie Sarai who showed us that busty and skinny is still sexy as ever. Finally, I saved the best for last, Ellie being frisky.

Ellie Flower Dress for FTV GirlsOh my god, I’m in love and her name is Ellie. Debuting for the first time ever on FTV Girls, she spends her day wearing a cute flower dress, revealing that she “forgot” her panties and decided to flash the whole town with her huge D cup boobs. Now this is a girl who will turn heads.

Addison Returns To FTV GirlsDespite Addison from FTV Girls being more on the petite side, she is one of the most memorable models on the site. That’s good news for us because she returns as a blonde, and even more naughty than before! Let’s just say if you like seeing girls walking around in public naked, then you will love this.

Becky FTV Classic Curves10 years ago we were introduced to Gianna Michaels, and from that day onward she has been a star. I could go on and on about how many things she has done and how amazing she is, but I wanted to post one of her first sets ever, from FTV Girls. This was when she went as Becky, was still a bit shy but had every quality that makes a legend: boobs, butt, and curves.

Addison Caught In The ActEven though Addison from FTV Girl was caught in the act, she doesn’t mind. You see, Addison is a real exhibitionist which is why she wore this short black dress without any underwear today, and she definitely bends over quite a bit.

Addison Blue Dress TeaseWhile it’s obvious that Addison is one of the best FTV Girls in recent years, one set will put her above the rest. To be able to tease in such an amazing dress is easy, but leaving us begging for more when she reveals it all at the same time is hard. That’s right, Addison’s cleavage and pussy are on display and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Addison Returns to FTV GirlsIt’s Addisons second time on FTV Girls and it’s even better than the first! We start off looking at one of the most beautiful women flashing her boobs for the whole world to see, then she moves to the bedroom for a real sexual session. I love this girl.

Addison FTV Pink Dress FlasherI knew Addison from FTV Girls was special just from her smile, it’s like that devious smile which screams “I’m gonna get naked in public today“, which is exactly what she does. A lunch date turns into a nude walk through a construction site and I never knew shells of houses could be a good place for naked girls. :P

Addison FTV Newcomer CleavageOh hell yea, another busty newcomer on FTV Girls! Can you tell i’m excited? It’s because Addison is a brand new girl with a pair of amazing perky tits, and she just happens to enjoy flashing them in public. That’s our kinda girl.

Keisha Grey Flashing OutsideYou’ve seen a girl oil her ass and pussy, you’ve seen it all right? Wrong! Keisha Grey is just getting started with her outside antics and love for public nudity. That cute busty girl walking down the street in the skirt and heels, that’s Keisha, and she’s not wearing any panties!

Kalila Kane FTV More Oiled BoobsI can’t help it, everytime I see a perfect pair of boobs I just want to post them. In this case it’s very high quality pictures of Kalila Kane pouring more oil on her boobs, and yes I have a video for that.

Whitney Westgate Flashing In Public VideoIn case you needed convincing that Whitney Westgate is the hottest skinny busty girl on FTV Girls, I present to you these videos. The first video includes Whitney walking around in public flashing her boobs and ass. The second video? Let’s just say she gets REALLY intimate with her vibrator. ;)

Alice FTV Nude In PublicIt’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything from FTV Girls, so why not a new Alice scene? While we have seen Alice frisky in public before, never without panties AND getting wet with a dildo! Wow! Also, a friend recently said that Alice closely resembles Mackenzie, and I’d have to agree.

Kalila Kane Big Bouncy BoobsShe got me with her baby oil set, and now Kalila Kane is bouncing her boobs all over the place? I think I have a new favorite exotic FTV girl. Plus I just love that workout outfit. It really screams way too small for those boobs, and that’s ok.

Kalila Kane Park PlayThe last two pictures alone make me appreciate just how busty Kalila Kane is. Oh yea, Kalila happens to be one of those park flashers we always hear about. She is also proving why she is becoming one of the most popular FTV models, exotic girls rule.

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