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Emily Born Cute In Bed CosmidThat smile, those boobs, that button down shirt! I’m left speechless again by Emily Born and I have a feeling this set will take your breathe away too. One look at Emily laying down in bed with her boobs up to her face and I’m done! Goodnight folks, that’s the best show on earth. :P

Ellie Roe Now On CosmidI like Ellie Roe (aka Raphaella Lily) so much, that I still get excited when I see her appear on new sites. Now I realize Cosmid is pretty established but after seeing Ellie strip out of her flower dress and into her birthday suit, I have one question. What took you guys so long?! :P

Emily Born ReturnsGreat news boob lovers, Emily Born returns to Cosmid today! Her infectious smile and pillowlike boobs are leaving me speechless yet again, so I’ll just let Emily’s striptease do the talking for me.

Emily Born Cosmid NewcomerI swear I’m not working for Cosmid, they are just that good. That’s why I’m excited to post newcomer Emily Born, she makes me feel alive! One look at her in that wet shirt and a big smile suggest her legend will indeed precede her.

Violet Skinny Busty BikiniSkinny and busty doesn’t need explaining, but I just found the dictionairy defition of it. Violet from Cosmid has actually been around since 2009, but her brand new bikini comeback is easily the best on Cosmid to date (ok Jennique had a good one too).

Raquel Stoops Jean ShortsHaha damn, Raquel Stoops wastes no time sliding off her jean shorts, white panties and tank top in this new Cosmid set today. I can tell by the smile on her face that she is just excited to get naked, bend over and have us drool over her amazing ass. It worked, I’m drooling!

Raven Skintight Dress CosmidThis is a great week for redheads and I’m very pleased to announce newcomer Raven returns to Cosmid! She answers pretty much every fantasy of mine in one set: a skintight dress in nature with a huge smile on her face while her boobs bounce out.

Titania Now On CosmidThere has been two times in Cosmid history where I have been left completely speechless (Tessa Fowler and Tiffany Cappotelli). Today is the third time with Titania joining the cast of the legendary website. Titania is the real deal with red hair, huge tits and a real hairy bush. She is the definition of natural curves.

Andrea Beliz Curvy Newcomer CosmidI don’t need to praise Cosmid anymore, these photos will do that for me. Say hello to newcomer Andrea Beliz from Guatemala and yes Cosmid really did go to Central America to find this extremely cute and curvy girl. They’ve gotten quite a few exotic chicks over time.

Jennique Returns To CosmidNo need to rub your eyes or adjust your monitor, this is the real deal Jennique returning to Cosmid. She may have lost some weight but she certainly gained confidence infront of the camera and still loves to get naked.

Carla Hotel Strip NewcomerCosmid has done it again, they got newcomer Carla to strip completely naked in a hotel hallway! Oh yea, this chick has one of the best natural tits I have seen and I’m really glad that the hairy bush look is coming back. Natural is great, girls.

Karla James Now On CosmidI was very fucking pleased to hop on Cosmid today and see Karla James on there. That’s right, the legendary british boob models who has made quite the impact in the past year with her insanely large yet perky boobs. She is bringing back the torpedo tits!

Samantha Jay Little Outfit CosmidI gotta admit, I did a jump for joy when I saw this brand new Samantha Jay set on Cosmid. I can tell she is getting more explorative with her sheer one piece, and let’s not forget her wet shirt gallery. I like this new side of Samantha.

Raven Busty Redhead CosmidIt may be cliche to say but it’s true, Cosmid hits another homerun. This beautifully curvy and pierced redhead is Raven and she lives up to her name fully, with a huge smile and exposed boobs.

Hannah Sharp Pink Silky BedIt’s been too long since we’ve laid our eyes upon Hannah Sharp’s perfect hooters. She was one of the first girls on Cosmid to make me really obsessed considering she gave us such sets like frilly blue boobs and a very rare pussy slip. So what do you guys think about pink silky boobs? ;)

Jessica Dawson Hot Lady CosmidI don’t even know what to say about this, it’s everything I wanted infront of my screen. The beautiful redhead Jessica Dawson, her insanely round booty, and spreading her legs like she is waiting for us. Wow, this chick makes me sweat.

Jodie Piper Outside Nudity CosmidI love when Jodie Piper is on Cosmid because you can tell she is having a ton of fun. Infact she is having so much fun today she decides to slip off her dress and walk around naked in public. Cosmid is good at getting girls naked in public.

Whitt Amateur Corset BoobsI was having a debate with a friend on who the cutest blonde on Cosmid is. Then he reminded me about Whitt and I instantly remembered how fucking cute and curvy this girl is. The best part? She has an ass that just won’t quit and this girl is a total amateur.

Tiffany Cappotelli CandidYou know how I feel when I find new pictures of Tiffany Cappotelli? Like a million bucks. This girl is easily the model of the year with her bright smile, thick juicy curves and wonderfully tiny tanlines. She is just the total package.

Charlotte Knight Busty CutieYou know how you see a girl so cute and busty, that you don’t really care she doesn’t go topless? That is Charlotte Knight, a brand new Cosmid model. Now don’t get me wrong, Charlotte has boobs bigger than her head and I can’t wait for her to reveal. But for now, she reminds me of Alice Wonder and that’s always a good thing.

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