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Chelsea Bell Takes A ShowerMy god, Chelsea Bell is such wifey material that it hurts! First she served us breakfast in the nude, and now she hops in the shower, soaps her whole body up and let’s the camera get real upclose to her body for those awesome water dripping down her ass shots.

Vallory Busty Workout CosmidI’m breaking a sweat just watching Vallory work out today, and it’s because of those yoga pants. I fucking love tights on curvy women, and Vallory was built for either really tight clothes or no clothes at all. Luckily for us today, we get both options!

Margaret Abello Pink Teddy In BedNow this is a great way to spend the weekend, with Margaret Abello in bed wearing nothing but a silky pink teddy. Her thick body was made for lingerie like this, but by the looks of it, Margaret prefers to spend her time in bed completely naked. I love it!

Kylie Backyard Strip CosmidOh joyous day, Kylie is back on Cosmid in her most elaborate set to date. Most chicks don’t wear lingerie to the pool, but Kylie is a bit different considering how dedicated she is to playing the pinup with a naughty side, and she definitely has a naughty side today.

Margaret Abello Big Pillow BoobsSome of you may know Margaret Abello better as Mallorie from Cosmid, but this name change doesn’t mean much, it’s still the same beautiful curvy girl with big pillows boobs, and she really shows them off today infront of the green screen. Nothing but boobs on this one!

Amanda Love One Piece CosmidOh dear god, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for, seeing Amanda Love in that tight one piece outfit. It was her first debut picture and always had me wondering how good she looks under there. The answer is Amanda looks absolutely amazing as she slides off that one piece and her boobs bounce out.

Amanda Love Cotton Panties CosmidCute smile? Check. Big boobs? Check. Amanda Love wiggling her booty in cotton panties? Check! I’d say this is the perfect Cosmid set because Amanda knows how to have fun in bed, and yes, her panties do say bride which is rather tongue in cheek. Even Tiffany Cappotelli did it!

Jessie Rhodes Lots Of CurvesA lot of models have lived up to the title of curvy from Cosmid, but Jessie R is THE girl who is the thickest, and she has a lot of curves to go around today. I like seeing Jessie’s cute smile as she pulls out her big bouncy boobs to play, only to end up naked in public and flaunting that round booty too.

Vassanta White Dress CosmidVassanta has this free spirit aura about her, where she just flows naturally doing anything. It’s especially true today watching her slide out of this white dress and into her birthday suit, which is one of the best by the way. Nothing beats all natural, even all natural bush.

Julia Fleming Nude Pool AdventureWhen Julia Fleming debuted last year, all I heard was cries for more. You’ll be pleased to know that Julia Fleming has returned, in a tiny bikini, and yes, she has a nude romp in the pool. Simply put, this is one neighbor I wish to have because Julia floating around naked in the pool is about the sexiest damn thing I’ve seen all week.

Allie Giovanni Changing In The CarImagine walking by a car and finding a curvy beauty like Allie Giovanni changing her clothes. Naturally all you can do is stop and stare, which is actually perfect because Allie decides to stick her big butt out the window, wiggling it until she can’t take it anymore. Now this is a girl who can have fun.

Valory Irene Changing BrasFirst it was Tessa Tuesday on Cosmid, and now we get more Valory Irene, so let’s dedicate a day to her as well. To celebrate her return, Valory decides to get changed in front of us and show off all her bra and panties very slowly. Valory, you are the best.

Chikita Jones Thick NewcomerChikita Jones is one of those girls you see walking on the street in tights, with her big butt swaying with each movement. Well, I got great news, Chikita is the type of girl who loves getting naked for the camera and has plenty of curves to go around.

Valory Irene Cosmid DebutYears of dedication and amazing models has made Cosmid one of the top websites out there. Now it’s official because Valory Irene makes her debut on Cosmid, and she does not hold back at all. I always loved Valory in a more candid setting and imagining her as the girl next door just got more exciting today.

Lillias White Flower DressBeing in love with a Cosmid model is not too uncommon, however Lillias White is the type of chick you can have fun with AND take home because she is that wholesome all american girl. She is also putting on a show in her short flower dress, bending over and showing off that beautiful bubble butt.

Chloe Jenks Curvy NewcomerI’d like to introduce you all to Chloe Jenks, a curvy newcomer with a wild side because she doesn’t mind showing the world her awesome curves. As Chloe makes her way inside the hotel, we soon find her completely naked and revealing her untouched curvy body. I’m not gonna lie, I like a girl with minimal tattoos.

Lena Moore Balcony CosmidLena Moore spends her mornings out on the balcony, looking at the world beyond her and also wearing nothing but her booty shorts. As soon as the rest of the city wakes up, Lena is prancing around naked and making me really wish she was my neighbor!

Amanda Love Bathroom BoobsThe good things in life come in threes, and today we get to see Amanda Love for the third time on Cosmid. I knew this set was going to be special when I saw Amanda wearing a skin tight dress and see thru panties, something she feels very frisky in. Can perfection get any better than this?

Jaycee West All Sheer CosmidI didn’t plan on posting Jaycee from Cosmid, but I had a second look and realized this girl is pretty damn cute and she gets fully naked! This new crop of frisky students is turning out to be incredible since a lot of them enjoy putting on a show for the camera.

Amanda Love Bedroom BeautyAmanda Love from Cosmid is turning out to be one of the most amazing nude models in a long time. She really is a breathe of fresh air in the world of structured photo shoots, so watching Amanda smile from ear to ear while she slowly removes her lingerie in bed is quite exhilarating.

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