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Cinthia Belly Chains LatinaI ran across some large pictures of Cinthia’s famous first set on SexMex. It also made me realize how much I love belly chains, we really don’t see them enough and they can turn a curvy chick into a curvy legend.

Amy Miller Blast From PastWow talk about a blast from the past, seeing Amy Miller in Playboy is giving me goosebumps. For those who don’t know, Amy was pretty much the most popular busty model of the early 2000′s (thanks to Mac and Bumble) and seeing her strip from stockings and garters today will show you why.

Petra Verkaik Classic Playboy BabeIf I had to pick my favorite brunette playmate from the 90′s, it would be Petra Verkaik. There’s a reason she is one of the most published girls in Playboy history, and it’s not because of her legs. Ok it’s partially because of her legs, but her breasts are what steals the show.

Alley Baggett Longest Lasting ModelIt’s safe to say that Alley Baggett is one of the longest working models around (along with Kelly Madison and Petra Verkaik), I mean hell she started out in Playboy in the early 90′s! So what is she up to now? Well for one she is that sexy MILF model posing in exotic outfits, but today it’s a bit more personal.

Brooklyn Avery Red Dress MILFSo I just got an e-mail about a new MILF model Brooklyn Avery and wondered what you guy think? Personally, I love that red dress with her tanlined boobs popping out. It’s exactly why the term MILF was invented in the first place.

Jessica Mitchell Mature NaturalYou know how some models just have that MILF look? Kelly Madison is one of those, Saffy from Busty Brits is another, and today I found out about Jessica Mitchell. She is a playboy babe which means she is draped in nice sheets and jewelry, they love doing that for their Playmates.

Petra Verkaik Sexy Red DressYep. This is it, this is all I need. A babe like Petra Verkaik, in a sexy red dress slowly slipping it off. We’ve seen Petra in nothing just stockings, and we’ve even seen her old playmate work. But this? This just might be my favorite gallery of her.

Daisy Van Hayden Only StockingsI’ve said it before but I’ll say it again – girls in only stockings and heels are fucking sexy! Daisy Van Hayden is sexy in her heels today, and I absolutely enjoy the show she is putting on, especially when she bends over.

Cassandra Bunny BabeCassandra may not be a playboy bunny but she still can rock a bunny suit like no other. It probably helps that her boobs are bigger than her head and I bet they are crazy to bounce around :P

Maria D Erotic ArtThis gallery is pretty much the definition of erotic art. Maria D doing some suggestive posing by the window and you know what, I love it! I love her body and how good it looks against the light.

Petra Verkaik Curvy EroticNow this is what I call erotic art. Petra Verkaik can’t keep her hands off her body and I don’t blame her, I would be touching those boobs and that nice ass too!

Petra Verkaik Truely CurvyPetra Verkaik is one of the few Playboy Playmates that is truely curvy so it’s no wonder why she is a legend. One of the hottest looks I have seen is a straight naked babe in just stockings and chains.

Michelle Hamilton Classic PlayboyOne thing a lot of big boobs sites seem to miss is the girls of yesteryear. The pinups that many of us dreamed of having and of course babes like Michelle Hamilton inspired a generation of big boob lovers.

Anabelle Femjoy BoobsAnabelle is another erotic model who is more on the curvy side. Definitely one of the biggest racks in that sense and she certainly knows how to entice us with it.

Petra Verkaik OrangeI got some requests for more pictures of the Petra Verkaik orange set, so here you guys go. I think like Alley Baggett, Petra Verkaik only gets better (and bustier) with age.

Petra Verkaik Nude BeachWhen I think perfect curves I think of Petra Verkaik. I’m talking big bouncy boobs, a perfect ass, and hips that just want to be grabbed. Let’s not forget her little show on the beach either :)

Petra Verkaik EroticThis gallery is a bit blue but shows why Petra Verkaik is one of the best big boobs models out there. She has amazing boobs, a curvy body and a sexy bush!

Petra Verkaik OrangePetra Verkaik doing a tribute is probably the best thing to happen to Playboy in a while, now I just hope more classic busty playmates do the same. Petra is actually clothed here, but don’t worry she slowly gets naked.

Petra Verkaik Just StockingsI am so glad that Petra Verkaik came back to shoot for playboy. This has to be one of the hottest galleries I have EVER seen of her. Something about Petra wearing just stockings and heels is like the hottest thing (along with her massive boobs).

Petra Verkaik MirrorI posted Petra Verkaik a few weeks back but that was her playboy shoot from 1989. Today Petra returns to show us that she only gets better with age and those boobs are still absolutely amazing. The only thing I can think of right now is bouncing and sucking on them puppies.

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