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  • Mandy Dee Famous Ass Shots

    The ass shot to end all ass shots is Mandy Dee's infamous black diamond set. I've seen her ass used in so many advertisements over the years, I figure it's best to go straight to the source: My Naked Dolls. You know, the guys that brought us Aurora and Lillith Von Titz.
  • Mandy Dee Casting Call

    Since I'm a big fan of casting calls, it's nice to see Mandy Dee's first shoot ever. I love seeing where models came from and it's obvious that Mandy was frisky right from the start because she has no problem ripping off her clothes and letting the world see her all natural curves.
  • Mandy Calloway Showering

    Remember Mandy Calloway, one of the most beautiful busty coeds from Playboy? It turns out she has a steamy shower set and she looks so damn good with those big boobs pressed against glass. I gotta say, after seeing Mandy enjoying herself, it's easy to see that Playboy finds the sexiest college girls ever.
  • Mandy Magic River

    We've seen quite a few models crossing the creek in the past (Ashley from Femjoy and Lin from Femjoy), but there is something about Mandy that just tickles my fancy. Maybe it's the frizzy hair, perfect handful of boobs, or maybe it's just the total package and I'm in love. Yep, that's it.
  • Mandy Dee Sweater and Heels

    More sweater boobs in this cold weather is actually a good thing because plenty of models feel liberated once their clothes are off, including Sabine (aka Mandy Dee/Danny). She is also one of those models that tends to satisfy multiple fantasies in one gallery, including being completely naked in high heels. Say Sabine, want a hug? ;)
  • Mandy Self Shot Bathroom

    Every girl has atleast one photo of themselves naked in the bathroom, Mandy happens to have over a dozen in this set. The amateur series is one of the most popular features on this site, and since you guys always love seeing more, I found out this girl also goes as Abby from Total Super Cuties. Enjoy!
  • Mandy Fisher Curvy In Bed

    I just realized the only times we have seen Mandy Fisher she has been in bed. It started with this set, then she was a horny babe in bed for Blue Nudes. We could argue that Mandy looks best on her back ;)
  • Mandy Dee Spunky

    Personally I think this isn't Mandy Dee's best work (not like her erotic stuff) however I always give bad sets a chance and must say that the last pics are definitely some of the hottest I have seen of her spread.
  • Mandy Dee Whipped Cream

    Show of hands, who would love to lick whipped cream off Mandy Dee's boobs? Ok so pretty much everyone in the world. Mandy would make the perfect housewife that's for damn sure.
  • Mandy Fisher Glam Curves

    This is a repost but I got a few requests for curvy glam model Mandy Fisher. When I started my first website she was pretty popular and a rare level of curvy for a glam model. Now if only more babe looked like her!
  • Mandy Dee Posing For Penthouse

    It looks like Mandy Dee (aka Mika Bodana) is now posing for Penthouse, thankfully they didn't airbrush her to hell. I am definitely liking this more hardcore direction she is going in though!
  • Mandy Dee Young And Busty

    This is a young Mandy Dee (aka Mika Bodana) gallery and almost amateur in style. She isn't exactly shy infront of the camera though and she has done work for many other companies.
  • Mandy Dee Sexy Swim

    Mandy Dee does for a sexy swim but she doesn't even make it into the pool. That's ok because she gets a different kind of wet, the kind that requites a few fingers and some alone time ;)
  • Mandy Intimate Look

    Sabina (or Mandy here) is really growing into her own isn't she? When she first started out she was this completely nude erotic model, now she is still nude but way hotter with experience.
  • Mandy Fisher Classic

    Sadly Mandy Fisher is a rare model these days but when she posed for Danni, she was one of the best. So to show you newcomers (or old fans), this is what curves are all about.
  • Mandy Fisher Swing

    After posting Mandy Fisher last week I got a nice flood of e-mails begging for more. So I went on the hunt and managed to find some older galleries of her, including this one of Mandy naked on the swing.
  • Mandy Fisher In Bed

    A nice treat today is model Mandy Fisher in bed. These pictures are a bit old but they are still very nice and show why curvy models can be erotic as well. Plus anytime a girl touches herself in bed, it's super hot!
  • Mandy Dee Bathtub

    Mika Bodana gets alittle wet and wild in the famous DDF Busty tub today. I'm glad she is doing more work for big boobs sites, as much as I love her erotic work.. this still gets me going everytime.
  • Mandy and Candy Sexy Employees

    If this is how professional working girls act, please someone get me a regular job! It seems Mandy and Candy are fed up with office work and want to do some sensual work instead. Give these girls a raise.
  • Mandy Calloway Hoodie

    I want to go back and remind you guys just how hot Mandy Calloway is. She is one of the few playboy girls that I would rate in the top 10 of "fresh models" with amazing boobs category. So here are more pictures I found of her, I hope you enjoy :)
  • Mandy May Kinky Curvy

    This is for all you kinky guys (or gals) out there. Mandy May loves to be cuffed, tied up and probably loves some hot rough sex. Can't blame a girl like that for liking it rough, I would definitely fuck her hard while pulling her hair :)
  • Mandy Calloway Shower

    Whos hand do I shake for the beautiful curves that is Mandy Calloway? Damn, we saw her last year in bed but I think I might like her better in the shower. Sure the bed is fun but hot sex with her in the shower would be out of this world.
  • Mandy Michaels Billiards

    We all know this game of pool is a prop, but I would love to play a game with Mandy Michaels. Rack here, rack there.. boobs on the table and pretty soon my pants are tight as hell! That's my kind of game.
  • Sinful Mandy Busty Guitar Hero

    The great thing about Guitar Hero is a lot of hot girls play it, but too bad they can't be like Mandy and play it in next to nothing. I just want to see some bouncing boobs when a girl goes for a long solo :P
  • Mandy Calloway Busty College Girl

    Another great example of the power of Playboy is this hot brunette, Mandy Calloway. She is joining the ranks of such busty girls like September Carrino and Gabrielle Hunter. Just check her out, nice big boobs, nice round ass and not too skinny.. just perfect!
  • Mandy Marie Michaels Cowgirl

    Mandy Marie Michaels can single handedly convince me to move on a farm, just in hopes that a few busty girls will show up. I have a feeling Mandy has no problem getting all the farm guys interested :P
  • Mandy Busty Amateur

    Ah I love a good amateur picture set, big boobs shouldn't just be celebrated professionally. Mandy gets the point and takes some nice shots of her pierced nipples and all, very nice!